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Alan Boggs
This Week | Archive

December 5, 2008
Gift card tips - "Because we care about the people in the hometowns we serve," said Alan Boggs, Riverside Bank President in Brevard County, "we are providing the following tips for consumers to make better choices when purchasing gift cards this holiday season." . Only buy gift cards from reputable sources. Stay away from online auction sites, which may have coun... Full Story

October 24, 2008
Your money is safest in the bank - FDIC-insured Riverside Bank is reassuring bank customers that while financial woes plague Wall Street, the safest place for your money is still in the bank. "Riverside Bank is well prepared to ride out the economic storm," explained Alan Boggs, Brevard County president. "And our customers should know that their deposits are safe. No customer has ... Full Story

August 28, 2008
Safe and strong through troubled times - Submitted by Alan Boggs Riverside Bank president in Brevard County With reports in the news of some financial institutions facing problems due to subprime mortgage lending and the credit crunch, you may be wondering about the financial stability of the bank where you do business and the safety of your deposited funds. How strong is your bank? B... Full Story

July 17, 2008
Banks reach out with mobile banking - Imagine this: You've written checks for several monthly bills, and you know you scheduled your car insurance payment for an automatic deduction today, too. You're held up on your way to the bank to make a deposit and you're afraid you're not going to make it on time. You grab your cell phone to check your bank's Web site for the closest ATM when ... Full Story

July 10, 2008
Work with your bank to reduce expenses and maximize savings - When was the last time you sat down with your business banker? Probably the last time you needed an equipment or construction loan, or maybe as long ago as when you set up your first business accounts. It's not unusual for business owners to set up accounts for their basic business needs (a checking account, a business line of credit, and maybe a... Full Story

June 6, 2008
Consider banking anytime, anywhere - Today there are more demands on your time than ever before, so going to the bank isn't always possible - or necessary. Why waste time and gas going to the bank to stand in line, when you can do much of your banking anytime, anywhere online, by telephone, or using your banking card. Depending on the services your bank provides, you could access yo... Full Story

January 18, 2008
Teach children financial responsibility by being a good example - Few topics are as hard to talk to children about as money. Maybe it's because most of us aren't confident about the subject ourselves. Instead we avoid certain topics, such as how much we earn, what food and housing cost, and our financial arrangements for the future. By dodging these subjects we set up our children to be as financially confused ... Full Story

November 30, 2007
Banks offer more than savings accounts - From racing cars to skydiving, baby boomers are an adventurous bunch when it comes to recreational activities. However, when it comes to investing and planning for the future, Bob and Betty Boomer are much more conservative. In a 2006 poll by the National Association of Variable Annuities, more than 30 percent of respondents said they would not p... Full Story

April 20, 2007
042007BR Biz Boggs - Tips for finding right bank for small businesses Do you own or manage a small business? Then you know how important choosing the right bank is to your business. With the right banking relationship, doing business is faster, easier, and more profitable because your bank works for you, helping you put together the right combination of checking, le... Full Story

March 16, 2007
Buying or refinancing - it's a good time for a great mortgage deal - The recent stagnation in the market may have you feeling like there's no good news in real estate. But if you are looking to buy or refinance your home, now could be a great time. Reasonable loan rates combined with the slackening in the residential market are creating great opportunities for homebuyers. Whether you are looking for a new home for ... Full Story

March 2, 2007
Know the dangers; protect your identity - A glance at any newspaper or TV news program will tell you that identity theft is a major problem in the United States - resulting in more than 10 million cases every year. As aware as we are of the threat, there have been surprisingly few developments in the way of protection. Of course there are more photo credit cards being offered, and credit ... Full Story

July 28, 2006
Online mortgage centers offer one-stop resource for home loans - Whether you're shopping for garden tools or international travel, the Internet lets you research products, compare prices and purchase online with a few clicks. Researching and applying for a home loan is easier than ever, too, as banks and online lenders make online mortgage centers part of their Web sites. These online centers have several advan... Full Story

February 23, 2006
Seven banking strategies for savvy seniors - There you are, gliding along into the retirement years, secure that your golf score is low, your blood pressure isn't high, and you can really twinkle your toes on Saturday night. Your lifestyle has changed, and maybe it's time you took another look at your banking - because those needs may have changed too. Full Story

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