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Sally Stahl
This Week | Archive

May 9, 2008
What to expect from a financial advisor - The investment world can be complex, and trying to navigate it by yourself is a daunting task. That's why you may want to work with a professional financial advisor: someone with the experience and resources to help you reach all your important financial objectives. Your first task is to find a financial advisor with whom you will be comfortable.... Full Story

April 11, 2008
Follow a withdrawal strategy that won't leave you empty handed - When you're working, you're probably focusing on how much you're putting into your investment portfolio. But when you retire, how much you take out will be a matter of considerable interest. And that's why you have to prepare the proper withdrawal strategies. Specifically, once you retire, you'll need to decide what percentage of your investment ... Full Story

March 14, 2008
Smart portfolio moves for your retirement years - For most of your working years, your investment strategies, by and large, will probably revolve around achieving sufficient growth to help you meet your long-term goals, such as college for your kids and a comfortable retirement. But once you are retired, you can't just sit back and put your investment portfolio on "autopilot." What types of port... Full Story

February 15, 2008
Don't let market plunge derail investment strategy - If you're an investor, you've probably had happier times. Even though the stock market has slumped recently, the drop on Jan. 22 still shook up a lot of people. At this point, you probably have at least two big questions: What's causing this market decline and how should you respond? Let's start with the first question. What forces have led to th... Full Story

February 8, 2008
Don't let market plunge derail investment strategy - If you're an investor, you've probably had happier times. Even though the stock market has slumped recently, the drop on Jan. 22 still shook up a lot of people. At this point, you probably have at least two big questions: What's causing this market decline and how should you respond? Let's start with the first question. What forces have led to th... Full Story

December 14, 2007
Business owners: put retirement, succession plans in order - If you own a small business, you probably laugh at the notion of a "9 to 5" workday. Unfortunately, many small-business owners work so hard and are so focused on the "here and now," increasing sales, controlling costs, attracting new customers, etc., that they forget to plan for their own retirement and for the fate of their business. Don't make ... Full Story

November 23, 2007
Will 'Ssub-prime' loan crunch affect you? - If you've even casually followed the news over the past several months, you've probably heard about "sub-prime loans." But the issue can be confusing, and if you're like most people, you really just want a couple of questions answered: How might these sub-prime loans affect the economy? And will I need to adjust my investment strategy? To begin w... Full Story

October 26, 2007
'Consider insurance, annuities as alternatives for retirement savings - Many people rely on their IRAs and 401(k) plans to help them pay for their retirement years, and for good reason. IRAs and 401(k)s are excellent retirement-savings vehicles. But once you reach the point where you are contributing the maximum amount to your IRA and 401(k) each year, what else can you do to build resources for retirement? You might ... Full Story

September 14, 2007
Lump sum vs. annuity: the choice is yours - Does your employer offer a pension? If so, you'll want to be familiar with your payout options before it's time to start taking money out, because your choice can have a big impact on your retirement income. If you participate in a pension (also known as a "defined benefit" plan), you'll receive, upon retirement, a specific amount of money based o... Full Story

August 10, 2007
Do all your stocks and mutual funds look alike? - Like most people, you probably gravitate toward things you're familiar with and that you like. If you enjoy classical music, your shelves may be full of Beethoven and Ravel. If you love pasta, your cupboards may be bulging with spaghetti and ravioli. In most parts of life, there's nothing wrong with this type of devotion. , Bbut, if it's carried ... Full Story

July 13, 2007
Don't let external events keep you from investing - If you look for reasons not to invest right now, you could find them: global unrest, high gas prices and so on. Yet, if you wait until "things settle down" before investing, you'll have difficulty achieving your financial goals, because there will always be some external events that could keep you out of the market, if you let them. The smartest i... Full Story

June 8, 2007
When buying bonds quality counts - One of the reasons you invest in bonds, perhaps the main reason, is the interest payments you'll receive. So, naturally, you'd like these payments to be as large as possible. However, "chasing" high rates may not always work out in your favor. But when buying bonds, you can hardly go wrong when you look for quality. As you may know, there's a dire... Full Story

April 13, 2007
Don't let wild markets give you the jitters - For much of the country, the end of February and the beginning of March brought plenty of wind, rain, sleet and snow. But the stormy weather wasn't confined to the atmosphere. There was also plenty of turbulence in the financial world. As an investor, how should you respond? Before we answer that question, let's review the recent stock market numb... Full Story

March 16, 2007
To achieve financial goals, do the math - If you breathed a sigh of relief when you put away that algebra or geometry textbook for the last time, you might not be eager to take up the subject of math again. However, by doing some number crunching, you can put a "price tag" on your long-term financial goals and that's the first step toward achieving them. To quantify the costs of your obje... Full Story

February 9, 2007
Don't head to investment sidelines after new market high - The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the best-known measure of the stock market, recently closed at a record high. For some investors, this was a cause for at least mild celebration. For others, it might have brought back painful memories and triggered the urge to take a break from investing. But that's a vacation you shouldn't take. Many of today's ... Full Story

January 19, 2007
Should you choose a Roth or traditional IRA? - An IRA is certainly a great way to save money for retirement. But which IRA is right for you, "traditional" or Roth? As is often the case in the investment world, there's no one "right answer" for everyone. But the more you know before making a choice, the better off you'll be. You'll find two important differences between the IRAs. First, a trad... Full Story

December 8, 2006
When investing, look past 'outlook' for 2007 - It's time for all the financial experts to make their predictions for 2007. Some will say the stock market will keep rising during the next year, while others will claim the market will fall. How about interest rates, inflation, oil prices and any number of other factors? With very little effort, you can find conflicting opinions on all these subj... Full Story

November 10, 2006
Giving financial gifts? Know the rules - The holidays are approaching rapidly, so shopping may be on your mind. Of course, you can find many different types of thoughtful presents that will make the day for your loved ones. But why not give a gift that can brighten their entire future? Specifically, why not give a financial gift that has long-term benefits? Before you give shares of stoc... Full Story

October 13, 2006
How can senior women improve their retirement outlook? - If you are a senior woman, you need to be diligent in managing your financial resources to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. Fortunately, by planning ahead and making the right moves, you can help alleviate any inequalities that may exist between you and the men of the world. What are some of these disparities? Here are a few to conside... Full Story

September 8, 2006
Consider these 'words of wisdom' about investing - Many of us are inspired by great quotations. And you can find plenty of them related to investing. Let's take a look at some of these quotes to determine what they may have to offer us. "The four most dangerous words in investing are: 'This time it's different.'" - Sir John Templeton, legendary investor and philanthropist. Templeton points out tha... Full Story

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