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Geraldine Blanchard
This Week | Archive

November 2, 2007
Traveling with teens can be an adventure worth taking - Parents know there are many phases in a child's life that will not only make our hair stand on end, but also bring our patience levels to new lows. Since my interest lies in travel, I decided to research travel with teenagers. Generally speaking, teenagers are not easy to please. If you are the parent of a teenager, you understand this far better... Full Story

October 12, 2007
Travel by train is a unique experience - For seasoned travelers, the usual choices of transportation include car, motorcoach, air and cruise. However, have you ever thought of taking the trip-of-a-lifetime by train? Surprised by the suggestion? Read on and join in the excitement that past passengers of train tour vacations have experienced through the finest tour operators that compete i... Full Story

August 10, 2007
Group travel a growing trend - To understand what group travel is all about, we need to go back to the heyday of group tours. Some of us may remember the '70s and '80s, when the Golden Agers evolved. These original Golden Agers were joiners, and many went to senior centers, AARP meetings and other social clubs that began running trips. In the Northeast, groups went to such pla... Full Story

June 29, 2007
Some vacations are made just for women - Girls just want to have fun, so this column is all about girls' getaways. There are tour operators who concentrate just on mother and daughter outings, where they can spend a little quality time bonding abroad. Tour operators that specialize in this type of travel include Globus and Cosmos and Gutsy Women Travel. Summer is here, so don't miss out ... Full Story

June 8, 2007
When planning a trip, don't forget the insurance - Most people have all kinds of insurance: house, car, health, dental, etc. But have you ever thought you might need insurance to cover a trip, possessions, luggage or health, while traveling? Read on for some tips. Travel insurance, most importantly, the right kind of travel insurance, has become an essential for smart travelers. If you don't buy t... Full Story

May 18, 2007
Know the lingo when visiting European locations - My column on Canada was so well received, I decided to keep the same spin, but focus on Vienna, France and Scotland. Vienna coffeehouse tradition Since the 1680s, the kaffeehauser has been the Viennese equivalent of the Parisian literary café or English pub, a local gathering place for convivial conversation or solitary sipping. Today's coffeeho... Full Story

April 27, 2007
12 terms you must know when traveling in Canada - The staff in our office is international in nature, with one of our agents from the lovely Quebec City in Canada. So, we thought it would be appropriate to write something special on our neighbors from the north. Read on. You might learn something that will make your vacation north of the border a pleasurable experience especially when you interac... Full Story

April 6, 2007
Great vacations on a weak dollar are possible - The American dollar closed out 2006 in a bad spot, requiring $1.30 to buy one Euro and close to $2 to purchase a British pound sterling. This was, and is, great news for Europeans traveling to the United States or Canada. But for visitors heading in the other direction, it's quite a different, and expensive story. Americans and Canadians visiting ... Full Story

March 16, 2007
Travel tips for the savvy senior traveler - For many Americans, retirement provides the opportunity to travel and the luxury of time to enjoy it. After decades of working, seniors relish the idea of hitting the road in their RVs or taking to the skies or oceans for a well-deserved vacation, or vacations. To help seniors have a more organized, safe and cost-efficient trip, here are some sugg... Full Story

March 2, 2007
How to stay safe when traveling single - Travel is the best way to meet new people, make new friends, re-kindle old friendships, find a mate, increase your awareness of the world around you, experience personal growth, lower your blood pressure or just relax. But traveling as a single can have its challenges and risks, so you should be aware of the various options that are available to y... Full Story

February 9, 2007
How to tip when you travel - Tipping has become a reality in today's travel, whether you are traveling on "land only" packages, i.e. hotel stays, by motorcoach or cruising. It is an integral part of your trip cost and must be accounted for during the planning stage of budgeting for your holiday vacation. Sometimes it is the littlest details that confuse us most when we are on... Full Story

January 26, 2007
Practicing eco-tourism when traveling - As we travel the far corners of the world, we are faced with the responsibility to preserve the fragile environments we visit. The concept of traveling responsibly is called ecotourism. Ecotourism is traveling in such a manner as to protect the environment and nourish its many systems. Taken to an extreme analogy, the disregard of eco-conscious tr... Full Story

January 5, 2007
Tips on planning a vacation reunion - A reunion is a great way to gather family members, classmates, old friends, wedding parties or organizations with the same affinity, for a wonderful vacation. Whether your group is large or small, consider getting help from the start by calling in the experts. Travel agents can take care of details ranging from recommending appropriate destination... Full Story

December 22, 2006
Tips for eating healthy while on vacation - We all know how tempting it can be to abandon our good sense while on vacation. When it comes to eating healthy, many of us tend to make poor choices and relax our normal restraint. We'll grab an ice cream cone here, a slice of pizza there, etc. But there are ways to keep watch over what we consume, and with a little pre-departure research, along ... Full Story

December 8, 2006
Traveling with children during the holidays - Traveling with children is a wonderful way to spend a family vacation, but it can also present unique and challenging situations that you should be prepared to address. Here are some tips for traveling with your children this holiday season: Keep planning simple Traveling with kids in tow involves many details. To make the process easier, consid... Full Story

November 17, 2006
The best way to choose a cruise - In case you haven't noticed, the cruise business is booming with more ships taking more people to move destinations than ever before. There are cruises for singles, cruises for families and cruises that focus on all sorts of special interests, including nature, adventure, culture, food and health. You can choose among smaller ships that accommodat... Full Story

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