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Now browsing: Hometown News > Columnist Archives > Fishing - Rob Fielding

May 9, 2008
Small drift boat fishing is value, plus success - When was the last time you went on a drift boat? Everyone who has fished the ocean for any length of time has ventured out on a drift boat or two, but this time of year it can be a very productive means to catch snapper, kingfish and even dolphin. No more than a month ago the Blue Heron II, out of Jupiter, managed to put anglers on a giant school... Full Story

May 2, 2008
Double trolling can make your day - As an inshore angler, I truly focus my energies on finding the best bite available without the aid of a boat, but that all changes in early May. I cannot help my excitement for the offshore bite this time of year. Trolling is quite expensive with gas prices the way they are, and drifting is dull to most anglers who primarily fish artificial baits... Full Story

April 25, 2008
Advice for keeping a catch fresh - I am not a chef, fishmonger or biologist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know a few tricks that will help you enjoy fresher and better tasting fish. For me, a fresh catch is much better than any store- bought or restaurant- prepared fish. The primary reason for that is the way I take care of my catch to ensure it is the best it can be ... Full Story

April 18, 2008
Know what species to target - A hunter goes into the woods with a rifle, a shot-gun and a pistol. Unfortunately, he has not decided what he is hunting. Now, he may get lucky and come across a turkey, a few quail or even a deer that has lost its sense of smell, but in all likelihood, he will not find a thing because he did not decide what tactic to use before heading out. The ... Full Story

April 11, 2008
Fishing plans must be flexible - April is certainly coming in like a lion this year. The winds and swells are making it difficult to get in on the early season dolphin bite. This is the time of year when flexibility is crucial. I often plan one or two trips around the weather forecast. That may mean closing my shop a few hours early or opening a few hours late, but I am an avid ... Full Story

April 4, 2008
Know your boat's limitations - As I was crossing the A1A bridge this past week, I noticed a 21-foot Sea Craft motoring its' way down the Intracoastal Waterway toward the Atlantic. The winds were blowing at 25 knots out of the southeast. All that came to my mind was, "What are they thinking?" It is very important as the March and April winds kick up, to know your boat's limitat... Full Story

March 28, 2008
Don't miss the pompano - Pompano h-o-o-o. The cry has gone out all over Palm Beach County. The pompano are running up and down the beaches with anglers catching their limits on an almost daily basis. For those who are not familiar with this delicate, white flakey fish, you are missing out on possibly the single best part of living near the Atlantic Ocean during the spring... Full Story

March 21, 2008
Spring migration means it's time to get prepared - The winds are shifting to a southeasterly pattern. The sun is staying in the sky for longer and longer each day. Ah yes, spring has arrived. Preparation is always the key to success in any endeavor, and fishing is no exception. Before you get too wrapped up in the excitement of the spring migration of both offshore and inshore species, it is import... Full Story

March 14, 2008
The lure of the artificial lure - What should I do if there is no live bait available? This inevitable question arises for every angler, either inshore or offshore, at some point. The very good anglers and professional guides will tell you that the ability to use artificial lures sets an average angler apart from a very good angler. I personally have spent the past five years learn... Full Story

March 7, 2008
Make fishing memories together - The Web site www.TakeMeFishing.org is dedicated to families spending time outdoors, fishing together. It details more than 11,000 unique fishing spots throughout the United States. There are several topics, ranging from learning how to fish, to the regulations for the area you plan to fish. It is a tremendous resource with an even more important ... Full Story

February 29, 2008
Tips to lower boating costs - Today as I was driving from Stuart to my shop in Jupiter I noticed that our fuel prices are once again over the $3.20 mark. Boating and fishing are inherently expensive hobbies, but fuel prices have really created a situation that is unmanageable for many boat owners. Here are a few tips to help you save fuel and hopefully give you more opportuni... Full Story

February 22, 2008
Passion defines risk-taking ability - On June 13, 2002, my friend, Frank and I, were fishing on a pier in Broward County for tarpon. Very few people know the almost religious experience of catching trophy tarpon on spinning tackle from shore. For those of us who are addicted to the annual migration ritual, it defines our entire lives in May and June every year. No matter the weather,... Full Story

February 15, 2008
Beach re-nourshiment necessary, but problematic - Martin and Palm Beach County have worked hard for the past 15 years to restore beaches as storm and swells work to oppose this process. Although I truly understand the need for beach renourishment, it does not sit well with any angler fishing the beaches from Jupiter Inlet to Lake Worth Inlet. A side effect of these efforts is a continually- dwin... Full Story

February 8, 2008
The true meaning of 'home' - In 1984, my family returned to South Florida following eight years of hopping from Alabama to Ohio to North Carolina. This period is known as my "winter of discontent." This distance made my heart grow fonder and allowed me to gain perspective on what defines "home." The taste of food, gentle ocean breezes, the familiarity of the local lingo, the... Full Story

February 1, 2008
Be prepared for what Mother Nature dishes out - As a native Floridian, I have spent countless hours enjoying the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. All that time spent in, on and around the ocean has provided one lesson that I would happily pass on to anyone willing to listen: prepare. I had the opportunity to spend time fishing the flats of Flamingo, just west of the Upper Keys, in my 20s. As an in... Full Story

January 25, 2008
Beach sunrise not to be missed - Have you ever walked the beach at sunrise? About a week ago, I was fishing on Juno Beach at 6:30 a.m. and bumped into a woman walking her dog. We shared pleasantries and struck up a conversation about the ensuing sunrise. We both agreed that anyone who does not experience daybreak, at least once a week, is truly missing out on one of the best thin... Full Story

January 18, 2008
Being a good steward of waterways - The latest regulation pamphlet from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission just landed at my doorstep this week. As a general rule, I skim the content and focus on any new regulations for saltwater marine species. However, on this occasion, I found a very timely and important article. The FWC included a page discussing the damages ... Full Story

January 11, 2008
Ocean update from Lake Worth to Jupiter - On a recent fishing trip, a good friend reminded me why it is so important to get out and enjoy the ocean. His simple statement was, "More people should concentrate on making memories versus sitting in front of the television." I cannot remember what happened last season on any television show, but I can tell stories, for days on end, about the ti... Full Story

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