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Letters to the editor
Rating: 2.85 / 5 (26 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Dec 21 - 06:35

Class warfare

This White House is still playing class warfare. (President Barack) Obama will not back down on his "tax the rich" crap, which the tax will not hit the rich but our small businesses that are already afraid to hire anyone because of the tax increase and "Obamacare."

Of course, (President) Obama can then again blame the Republicans for the fiscal cliff disaster.

Instead of running around the country still campaigning, he needs to get over wasting taxpayer money and keep his butt in the White House to try and reach a serious budget, instead of refusing to cut his spending habits.

He will not agree to any spending cuts and only wants to increase taxes on small business.

He has never balanced the budget, but continues on his highest deficit ever, spending more than any and all presidents from George Washington to George Bush.

He has played more golf than all presidents combined.

He was a union organizer and has no idea how to balance a budget, but as long as he keeps buying the votes of all the freeloaders, he will win.

Michelle Obama spent more than $10 million on vacations and now they have a 21-day vacation in Hawaii coming up, while all those poor people in New York and New Jersey still have no power or lodging as they were promised by the president, who also promised our shuttle workers $40 million to help them to transition to constellation, which he then cancelled and threw Brevard County into a depression, not a recession as you can see by just looking around our county at all the businesses that closed.

Another lay off just took place on Friday at the Cape.

When are you liberals going to wake up?

Barbra Bronsberg, Suntree

Editor's note: There is no evidence to substantiate that Michelle Obama spent more than $10 million on vacations.

Handicapped parking problems

I am in total disgust with the people who use handicap parking who are not entitled.

I have recently endured a broken hip and was issued a temporary, six-month handicap parking placard for when I was able to venture out.

That opened my eyes to the abusers and put my blood pressure over the top. I felt violent when I saw some of the violators.

There are abusers who are grocery shopping at places such as super Wal-Mart who I witnessed. They were young, 25 to 30, hopping out of the store like they are pogo sticks and filling up their SUVs or cars with bags, with absolutely no sign of being handicapped and carrying a minor child.

Only a person with little or no intellectual capacity could figure this out.

I'm sure the vehicle was registered to Aunt Millie or Grandma Irma, who were not present and probably in hospice or in a nursing home bedridden or even deceased.

But little Susie took advantage of the tag with a total lack of conscience, consideration and probably felt entitled.

I asked a Melbourne officer the procedure and he was very aware of the situation. He said the person the placard is issued to (the actual handicapped person) has to be in the vehicle when (it is) parked in (a) handicap (space).

Once, I noticed a van with a wheelchair ramp on its back parked, as well.

Not that all are abusers, but I've seen more abusers than not. A 30ish male in a pickup, who ran to the storefront to avoid rain was another.

I understand the police department cannot sit around and wait for people to return their cars/SUVs for confirmation they are the person the placard is issued to. They have to be in the right place at the right time, driving the lot. A chance of that happening is like grabbing a shooting star.

The officer compared the handicap to the lazy person parking in the fire lane of a business.

Think of the revenue the cities can collect. At $250 per fine, it would pay for gas, car upkeep and a multitude of other services the taxpayers are obligated to pay for. It could bring in thousands per day.

But what about the retired neighborhood watch-type people who drive around? They would love the authority and something to do in their retirement and question the abusers and they would also appreciate the misuse.

Not that all are abusers, but if someone can jog into a store or business -- unless lack of mental capacity is considered a handicap -- they can walk and not take up a handicap space.

Shopping is a physical endeavor. I'm sure I hit on something I know nothing about.

I am working on common sense something also lacking in the human race.

Darlene Powell, Melbourne

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