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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
Rating: 1.92 / 5 (13 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jan 04 - 07:01

God and guns

I am so tired of hearing and reading the nonsense that the Newtown, Conn., shooting and the like wouldn't have happened "if God hadn't been taken out of school."

Perhaps these people could explain why tens of thousands of children worldwide have been sexually molested by preachers and priests in God's so-called house.

No doubt it will be the teachers' fault before long as they as a group seem to be the easiest target for politicians and the like to blame for all society's ills.

Isn't it time for parents to take responsibility for their children and the way they raise them, instead of trying to pass the buck?

Babies having babies

Wow, I got the attention of some people out there. Yes some big cities have their crime and poverty, however what my issue is with kids having kids or second and third generations of people living off government welfare program is that it is preventable. How you ask? Stop having kids if you don't have the income that you, yourself produce and not one from the federal welfare program. That's not right.

Create your own destiny by having an education and not producing more offspring because the government gives you more money to support you. It eventually goes down the wrong path. Have kids because you want a family.

Yes, I know I struck a nerve out there. I'm just sick of going into a grocery store or any other store and seeing young people with kids who are there and the kids are completely out of control tearing into stuff. Why do I write this stuff? Not to be hateful at all. I talk to the clerks at some of the stores and even they are disgusted about it and you should hear their comments.

I just happen to express the views of people who share in the opinion. And if you care so much, form little neighborhood watches, go for walks in groups. You'll chase the gangs away, and if you know a young girl who wants to get pregnant just for that mighty welfare check, advise her that the public school system is not meant to be a babysitting agency and our government is not their baby's daddy, either.

There's a root cause to every issue in life and poverty and crime develop from lack of foundation.

More laws to control guns?

A New York state man uses a hammer to crush the head of his grandmother and kill her. He serves 17 years. Now he uses a gun to shoot and kill two volunteer firemen.

Why was he allowed out of prison? We need more controls over soft-on-crime criminals. Guns are not the problem.

What about psychotropic drugs?

An old saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

If Washington is serious about stopping school shootings, first make it illegal to prescribe drugs that cause psychotic effects, and second, encourage states to mandate a sales tax to fund putting an armed school marshal in every school. Anything else is just window dressing.

Class envy?

People earning $250,000 or more are the ones who went to school and put themselves and their children in a position to get ahead. Traditionally, Americans admired their success. Someday, hopefully, our children may be able to do, as well. Too many politicians want to punish them. That President Obama wants to increase their taxes is not fair. It demonstrates class envy.

Hot on gun issue

I am done listening to the National Rifle Association leadership and its phony claptrap about gun rights.

I am sick of innocent victims getting shot down by madmen.

Bring back the assault weapons ban; close loopholes that allow gun sales without background checks; enforce the gun laws that are on the books and make them stronger and repeal the mindless "stand your ground" and concealed carry laws.

Gun dealers who violate laws should sit in jail for a while and have their licenses revoked permanently.

Hunters will still be able to hunt, target shooters will still be able to compete and collectors will still be able to collect.

It is enraging that our politicians are led around by the nose by the NRA and create laws to support its destructive agenda. It's sickening that in the last election, $2 billion was spent, most of it on asinine TV commercials and direct mail fliers. Imagine what a fraction of that kind of money could have done for mental health care and enforcement of gun laws.

Sickened by slaying

What will it take? What more will the victims and their families have to endure before something is done about the selling and purchasing of guns?

Great, we all want and have a right to protect ourselves, our families and our homes, but when guns end up in the absolute wrong hands many, many, many people suffer. I, myself, do not own a firearm, nor will I ever. But I can imagine how easy it would be for me to purchase one.

It is harder to get a driver license or cash, food and medical assistance! Why is it so easy for the average Joe or Jane to purchase a gun?

I am a mother and an instructor. I am absolutely sickened by this slaying at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Everyday that I leave my children at their schools, in the hands of their educators, I worry. With all of this happening in schools, I am even more paranoid.

If I could afford to, I'd homeschool my children. Yep, I'd put them in a bubble, a protective little bubble. I'd probably damage their social lives and ability to fend in the outside world, but at least my babies would be with me.

Bless those who are suffering.

Why did God allow this to happen?

I know that many are trying to figure out why this terrible incident happened in Connecticut.

Many are very sad, and many might not even care. Some blame God, while some ask why did God allow this to happen?

Allow me to give you the reason. From the very beginning for those who believe in the Bible, that man and woman defied God's commandment by eating the forbidden fruit. The very first act after that was an act of violence, Cain killing his brother Abel.

Since then, man has found new and improved ways of not only killing himself and our own species, but even the species of other life forms here on this planet.

I do hope this is printed, so that many can learn from this terrible thing and realize we need more of God in us!

I really feel we are very close to the total destruction of mankind, but that will not happen, for the Lord himself will return and put an end to the insanity of mankind.

Thank you for your attention, and please print this, if not anything else.

Fine print will cheat you

Beware on all fine print on anything. Fine print should be outlawed; because every time it is used on anything, it is used mainly to conceal important data that is very important to know to be able to make a wise decision.

On TV commercials, fine print is shown so small and so fast, that even with today's giant TVs, one can never read the entire fine print on the commercials before they are over.

Fine print actually should be in giant print because it is so important.

Outlaw this legal excuse to cheat.

"Oh, sorry, but you didn't read the fine print. Did you?"

And then, you're screwed.

You want action on gun control

Prayer vigils have been held for the 20 children massacred in Connecticut.

Many of us attended one. Tributes have been given. Funerals have taken place. Will it be back to business as usual now?

Or will you pick up the phone and call your congressman? Will you write your senators? Will you make it abundantly clear that you want action on gun control, that you want it now and that you want it to be tough? I have, and you need to. Otherwise, it won't happen.

Congress couldn't find the courage to tackle gun control even when one of its own was gunned down in Arizona. Thus, you can be sure that these 20 tots will soon be forgotten by Congress, unless you insist they remember and finally act.

Congress conveniently allowed the Brady Bill to "expire." Let them know you want Brady reinstated, this time with no "expiration" date. Guns are not corn flakes. Brady is a law to save lives. Does Congress attach "expiry" dates to bank robbery laws? You bet not. Money matters. Lives obviously don't.

Please make sure these 20 youngsters' lives count for something. Think of your own children or grandchildren. Think of the parents and grandparents in Connecticut, whose lives have been drastically altered forever. Imagine their loss.

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