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Rants & Raves
Rating: 4.13 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Feb 15 - 06:42

How to fix the service

The Postal Service is in danger of financial collapse, but the cause of its financial difficulties are often misunderstood.

Congress must get to the root of the problem - the 2006 law that is pushing the Postal Service to the brink of bankruptcy.

The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act imposes a burden on the USPS that no other government agency or private company bears. It requires the Postal Service to "pre-fund" the healthcare benefits of future retirees and forces the USPS to pay for a 75-year obligation in just 10 years - at a cost of more than $5 billion annually.

The demise of the Postal Service is not inevitable, as some people suggest. Congress can fix this.

The Postal Service needs financial stability in order to provide service to all America's citizens and adapt to the nation's communication needs in the digital age.

No guns in Timbuktu

In a recent New York Times, the lead article was about the terror that Timbuktu endured under harsh Shariah law.

They interviewed a physician, who was forced to watch as the militants imposed their sentence for death: cutting off a thief's hand.

The doctor said, "Our lives were turned upside down. They had guns, so whatever they asked, we did."

It's a shame that the doctor and the other residents of Timbuktu didn't have guns.

I guess their government thought that they could eliminate violence by banning guns.

Watch out for maintenance contracts

I had a new heat pump installed more than a year ago. I paid for a 10-year maintenance contract, covering all labor and parts. The salesman and the installer crew told me that I should call for a service technician to check the system after a few months of use.

Imagine my surprise when I phoned for a check up and was told that (it) was not covered in my contract.

I said, "so you don't care whether preventative maintenance on the unit is done or not?" The answer was "no!"

I replied, "I'll call you if it needs fixing."

So, you see, should I have had an attorney go over the contract because you can't trust anyone?

One thing I do see is the scary ads to have your unit serviced each season is just hyperbole or bologna. Don't waste your money.

If the preventive service is so necessary, wouldn't it be included in a 10-year, 100 percent parts and labor contract? Or would the business not want to do it?

Motorcycles in Brevard

Some of the largest organizations supporting veterans and children in Brevard are the motorcycle clubs.

Melbourne and West Melbourne are great communities with many fine businesses and schools.

To make such narrow minded statements in the original rant regarding these cities and the majority of motorcyclists in Brevard being "drug runners" is uneducated and incorrect.

I have lived here since 1994 from Miami. If this ranter wants to see "drug running motorcyclists and abysmal dumps," take a drive down south.

Water and fire protection



You are my commissioner; you represent my community.

Yes, I live in the extreme southern area of your district, some distance from your apparent area of interest.

However, it's always been my opinion that a commissioner represents the entire county, not just his or her backyard.

As we consistently see, with some commissioners, that is not always the case; however, you have been more levelheaded than some.

I felt that I had conveyed an accurate assessment of community concerns and county actions (or non-actions). This must have, so to speak, fallen on deaf ears, inasmuch as you never replied.

Over the years, there has been a succession of false starts by county.

Each time, we have a bunch of newcomers, who we have to educate all over again.

Your people have a bunch of fees stuck in their minds; while we, as a community and a homeowner's association, have bent over backwards (and in many instances done the actual legwork) to secure grants to assist what, traditionally, has been a low-income area.

I believe that we have proven that we can walk, talk and chew gum at the same time. When we tell you something, such as I have alluded to above, "It's a fact, Jack; you can take it to the bank, Frank." I believe that has been proven to you.

Now, what I want to know is what have you done, during the past six months, to assist us on water and fire protection (fire hydrants)? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Rich people creating jobs

It is so disturbing to read how this person can come to such an illogical conclusion.

It is obvious that you did not grow up in the "gimmee society." You worked hard at what you did and became successful.

To me, I think you believed in the "Puritan ethic." (This is a concept in theology, economics and history, which emphasizes hard work, frugality and prosperity as a display of a person's salvation in the Christian faith.)

Remember, your philosophy makes you a Republican. Mitt Romney talked about the 47 percent, who would not vote for him. These people do not believe in the Puritan ethic. They are part of the "gimmee society."

They believe your taxes and mine will support them. They are Democrats.

Now, all Democrats do not think this way, but those who believe in socialism are making a big mistake.

Examples of the failure of socialism are Russia, Cuba, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.

I am sure the owner of the plant was not a poor person.

Had he been poor, he would not have owned the factory and you would not have had a job.

All rich people, Democrat or Republican, invest their money to make a profit. That is not greed. That is good business sense. We need rich people, because they are the ones who create jobs.

Why are there homeless people here?

I want to applaud all those who helped the homeless on Jan. 19.

Those great people raised a whopping $12,500 for the veterans.

My unanswered question is, "why are there homeless veterans in a Republican county like Brevard in the first place?"

Do they not have family here? Why were they not given careers in the police and fire departments or the sanitation department?

But on a bright note, now that they got $12,500 in one day, maybe they won't have to take baths in the two ponds in Wickham Park.

Drug-running motorcyclists: how dare you!

This is in response to the arrogant person who wrote "drug-running motorcyclists."

First and foremost, I take offense to your allegation that motorcyclists are drug running, and that the motorcycles you saw were drug running. That was totally unfair.

Are you some sort of a federal agent with X-ray vision to see the drugs?

Yes, I have had that same experience of young guys and gals riding like fools on the interstate; and, yes, where are the police when these fools decided to act stupid?

Just ask yourself what drug-running motorcyclist would pull a stunt like that and put himself in a situation were he might get stopped, which would result in a conviction and jail. I don't think that they are that stupid; no I am not taking their side, but get real!

Generally, when you see that sort of display of stupidity, it is a display of youth - powered by too much testosterone.

In the motorcycle community, they are referred to as "crotch rockets."

You seem to blame all motorcycles. I've been riding since 1961, and not all bikers are as you see them! Most of us are law-abiding citizens, just like you.

As for your references to Melbourne and West Melbourne, that has got to be the most offensive and ignorant statement that a person could make.

I have lived in this area since 1959 and have lived in both of those cities, and there are good people in both.

There are "druggies" in every part of this country, and in your neighborhood; it is not limited to one particular area.

Wake up, and get real! You need to apologize to those good people!

As for your statement about our police, they do the very best that they can.

They do more than any of us can image to try to control the drug problem, along with all the other issues they deal with daily.

We need to be thanking them for the job that they do and help when we can.

They don't get the pay that they deserve for what they do.

They stand in the gap between you and your snooty pious attitude and the drug underworld. God bless our law enforcement officers!

Do something positive and thank law enforcement, or do something to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

If everyone had your attitude, this beautiful area would really suck! Get a life and climb down off your pedestal and don't be so judgmental!

I am a full-blown biker, who served this great country to help protect and preserve our rights to be free to enjoy life to its fullest. You need to thank all the folks who protect our rights.

Don't ever call anyone who rides a motorcycle a "drug runner," unless you have some super powers and are better than the police.

Maybe, you need to move!

Assault rifles here

I am an avid hunter. When we went into the woods, you had five rounds in your gun. That's all you needed. If you couldn't kill a deer in two shots, you waited for another one, since you missed.

Why is all this hoopla about assault rifles? You don't go hunting with an assault rifle. You try to use that on a deer, you will cut him in half.

They do not want to take your hunting rifles away. It's the assault rifles they want to put a ban on, which I think is proper.

We don't need an assault rifle here. There is no need for it. You don't have packs of wolves, or anything else, running around that you need more than five shots.

I'm sorry, but I go along with the gun control, even though I'm an avid hunter.

Doesn't cost a dime to love something

I'd like to see more people out there adopting a pet, like the one available now at the Brevard County Jail Complex in the Paws & Stripes Program.

And that is the American Bulldog mix Beagle. That's only one little animal that is available up for adoption, and I think he has been up for adoption for quite a while now.

Won't somebody out there tug their heartstrings a little more and adopt this dog and adopt others?

People have homes, and it doesn't cost a dime to love something.

Thank you.

Social Security borrowed on

Who knows why they want to cut Social Security?

It's real simple. They have borrowed more than $2 trillion from the Social Security fund.

Rather than pay it back, they would rather "welch" on the debt.

The fact that you worked all your life paying into Social Security doesn't seem relevant.

They want to cut it and cut it and cut it until it doesn't exist anymore. They don't want to have to pay back $2 trillion.

Stealing from the American people, then "welching" on the debt, is not a good thing.

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