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Now browsing: Hometown News > Columnist Archives > Business - Susanne Glater Wiggins

Clutter, the enemy of a beautiful room
Rating: 3.12 / 5 (194 votes)  
Posted: 2006 Aug 25 - 02:54

The sense of peace and tranquility you experience when entering a room that is well designed and meticulously organized is truly a joy and comfort to the emotions. As you consider your design project, it is important to keep this goal as one of your foundational elements.

Clutter to a well-designed room can be compared to weeds in a beautiful flower garden. The beauty of the flowers are either enhanced or hidden by their surroundings. Too many weeds causes the beauty to be completely lost.

There are several reasons for clutter. You may become emotionally attached to objects - your child's first pair of shoes, their first coloring book, refrigerator picture or birthday card. Parents will save boxes and boxes of memorabilia for their children, move these boxes from house to house for years and when it's time to turn these precious treasures over to the next generation, they choose not to deal with the clutter and toss the boxes out.

Consider using a curio cabinet or designate a space in a guest room or a hallway for your most precious items. Display them in such a way that the items, as well as your emotions, are treated as special. Allow this area to be a place that when you pass by or visit, the dear memories that the items stir up bring a smile to your heart.

Compare this to having these items strewn in various places of your home where they match nothing and take away from the beauty of other accessories. In this scenario, there is a strong possibility that you look at the object and subconsciously scold yourself for keeping too much stuff that doesn't match. If you have decided that this item is worth keeping for sentimental reasons, then give it the honor of exuding only those emotions.

Another challenge often faced, particularly in Florida where many people have relocated from northern homes, is that there is either too much furniture to work with or furniture that is not appropriate for the owner's new lifestyle.

In a perfectly designed room, one extra piece of furniture or a piece that matches nothing else will destroy the overall look of the room. The ideal scenario would be to find a perfect place for this piece of furniture in another room. In fact, it is not unusual when redecorating that a picture, silk flower, chair or odd piece of furniture may look excellent in another part of your home. It is well worth the effort to experiment in this way. If, in fact, you cannot find a suitable place for this odd piece, consider storing it in a closet or garage for several months. You may want to try one more time to find the perfect place for this accessory, but if you still cannot, it is time to move it out of your home. Odd and/or mismatched pieces used simply because you cannot part with them will diminish the harmony of any well designed home.

If you have a piece of furniture that is especially dear to you because it belonged to a close friend or relative, consider using it as an integral part of the room. You may want it to set the tone for the entire room or place it in such a way that it enhances other pieces. The goal here is that it belongs to the room; it doesn't crowd it or disrupt design.

Another critical aspect of this organization is those things that are behind closed doors. Today, the market place is full of organizers to help you keep all that you own in a neat and orderly fashion. Re-evaluating your storage space on a continual basis is a habit well worth cultivating. The benefit of having a designated place for all of your belongings is understood by all and will also contribute to the overall harmony of your home.

A mistake often made by the consumer when accessorizing is to buy several small items instead of one large item. Large items may be more costly and intimidating, thus the consumer opts for smaller, less expensive items. One or two just right accessories will be the exact finishing touch needed to put the wow into the final design. Many small items seldom have this effect.

Keeping our home as sanctuaries, flowing harmoniously and devoid of clutter, will not only be a great joy for you and your family, but for all who have the privilege of visiting.

Susanne Glater Wiggins is owner of Home Designs, boasting two beautiful showrooms, and is located on W. International Speedway Blvd. in Daytona Beach. For more information, call (386) 257-5100 or send an e-mail to www.HomeDesignsFL@aol.com.

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