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Now browsing: Hometown News > Columnist Archives > Family - Kathy Josenhans

Problems always come in threes
Rating: 2.87 / 5 (234 votes)  
Posted: 2006 Nov 17 - 02:58

Right before I left on my mini vacation, my icemaker stopped dropping ice.

It's not the fancy on the door kind but it usually works great.

So I've been buying bags of ice until my husband can take time to fix it. I should have known it was going to be a problem when he asked me for the blow dryer. Then when he said he needed parts I panicked.

I went and got the icemaker repair kit and knew he would say, "Hmm, I don't see the part we need", which he did. Even though it was a full installation kit it still isn't fixed.

I know I shouldn't be impatient, but with the holidays getting closer it's embarrassing constantly pulling bags of ice out of the deep freezer.

But God forbid I call a repairman! That's like telling a man he isn't reading the map right or he turned the wrong way. I don't understand why men are on the defensive when we are simply making a suggestion to help make their lives easier. I realize he's a Web Administrator and his talents are not in the home repair and renovation business, but why can't he?

So for now I will suffer until he says, "I don't think I'll have time to repair that for you." Then I'll make a call right before the holidays and I'll be patient for an opening from a repair shop.

Then yesterday morning I turned the television on and there was sound, but no picture.

It's a large HDTV wide screen on rollers, so kicking it with my good foot wouldn't be a great idea.

My husband suggested that I reboot the cable box and I did, but nothing happened. Then he suggested that maybe the TV settings were wrong on the remote, but they were set right.

Finally he rolled it away from the wall and said, "Oh it's just the cable wire, it's loose."

He tightened that up, grabbed his coffee and away he went back to his office feeling satisfied. Five minutes later, the screen was black again. So I decided to pick up my crocheting and say nothing. I'm sure the local Television repair shops won't be awfully busy before the holidays.

Every morning I get up to take care of my son's aquariums, all seven of them. I guess he can't have them in the Army right now. Why am I not surprised? He left me responsible for 50 fish and seven tanks. We have one 75-gallon tank with monster fish in it, two 30-gallon tanks, two 20-gallons and two smaller tanks for breeding or sicknesses. I am not good at aquatic science by any means. If it's just dumping some wafers of flakes in there, I can do that.

Why didn't he tell me about all the filter problems? What is that big round filter thing under the cabinet?

Good thing my husband had some idea what it was because this morning it stopped working and the fish had no oxygen apparently.

He took this canister filter outside and hosed it down and actually put it back together with no problem, other than the squeaky noise it's making.

I also had to replace two filters this week and now some of the lights have stopped working. Oh my, whom do I call? I looked in the phone book for aquarium doctors and apparently it's not a hot business. My son didn't leave any fish doctor's phone number either.

He'll be happy to know most of the fish look healthy and with all the problems we had, we only lost one big fish. Now I only have to look after 49 fish.

Needless to say, it never fails. Everything happens in threes and we always say that and it always happens.

I figure that after the holidays there are a lot of sales on appliances and televisions.

Kathy Josenhans lives in Port Orange with her husband, Frank, and their German shepherd, Heidi, and a cat named Bogie after Humphrey Bogart. The Josenhans have three grown children. Kathy Josenhans can be reached at kjosenhans@gmail.com.

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