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Opportunity and prosperity can be yours
Rating: 3 / 5 (212 votes)  
Posted: 2007 Sep 14 - 02:56

Are prosperity and peace of mind at the top of your wish list, but at the bottom of your action plan? Is prosperity an elusive ideal way of life? Is peace of mind a dream you feel can never be your reality? Is opportunity knocking on your front door but never enters?

Prosperity and peace of mind are considered elusive by most people; opportunity never knocks. In fact, many do not even know how to define them. Does prosperity mean having a home, a decent job, enough money to pay the bills, a family and some leisure time? Or, does it mean being wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, being the CEO of a major corporation or having the perfect family? Does peace of mind equate to physical safety, financial security or maybe even good health?

In today's society prosperity is often thought of as success in the form of physical and financial well-being. Peace of mind is a gentler concept for being secure or having no fear externally or internally. It is more of an internal sense of well-being. Opportunity is another way to describe hope; the feeling that there is a better tomorrow ahead and it is going to be available to you.

Are prosperity and peace of mind on your wish list? If so, then carefully define them. Just what exactly is prosperity and what determines peace of mind? You cannot achieve either until you know what you actually want. Perhaps you already have prosperity or peace of mind.

Action Plan

Use Feng shui as a tool to help focus positive energy on your desired prosperity and peace of mind so when opportunity knocks, you will welcome it with open arms. Having created a clear definition of what you want, use the following steps below to energize your desires:

1. Maintain a "gratitude attitude" for everything you have and will receive. This creates a can-do energy that attracts good things.

2. Un-clutter the southeast corner of your living/family room and focus energy on your desire for prosperity by placing a small wooden box in this area filled with seven gold coins such as the new U.S. $1coin. This energizes income and wealth of all types.

3. Un-clutter the south area of your living/family room and place something there that is red such as a candle, a tall slender tapering vase or a picture on the wall with some red. This energizes good fortune and luck so opportunities will come your way.

4. Un-clutter the southwest area of your living/family room and place a large bouquet of flowers there in various colors, sizes and shapes. This energizes relationships of all types that can help you realize your objectives.

5. Un-clutter the east area of your living/family room and place a healthy green upward reaching plant in that area. This focuses positive energy on new growth, new business, new ideas, new additions to the family and good health.

It is important to un-clutter an area before energizing it. Otherwise, you will energize the clutter, which leads to more clutter, instead of energizing your desires.

Feng shui is a tool that can help you realize your dreams and goals by focusing the positive use of energy on areas of your life you wish to change. It helps you shift unfocused energy to being highly focused, supportive energy.

New fresh focused energy promotes new opportunities, prosperity and greater well-being. Remember to un-clutter first, then focus positive energy in the southeast, south, southwest and east as noted above. But also remember to maintain a "gratitude attitude." Being grateful for everything you already have can only help attract that which you want.

Pat Heydlauff is a feng shui consultant, public speaker, columnist and artist. For feng shui consultations and energy design work in the home or office, call her at (561) 799-3443 or e-mail her, balancingenergy@bellsouth.net or visit her Web site, www.energy-by-design.com.

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