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Now browsing: Hometown News > Columnist Archives > Computers - Terry Aldridge

Rating: 3.53 / 5 (169 votes)  
Posted: 2006 Mar 02 - 13:20

Believe me, I know how frustrating it can be when your computer runs slow. When you want to go to a website and it just hangs there for what seems forever. You start a program on your computer and in the time it takes to open you could clean the whole house and make a full course meal while you're waiting. Well, lets see what I can do to help.

Disk Defragmenter (Defrag): When a program is installed on your computer, the programs files may be broken up over multiple locations on the hard drive. This will cause your computer to run slower. The Disk Defragmenter will make things run faster by reorganizing the files on the hard drive.

Okay.now here's how we do it.

1) Click Start.

2) Point to Programs.

3) Point to Accessories.

4) Point to System Tools.

5) Then, click Disk Defragmenter. (The Disk Defragmenter window will appear).

6) Make sure the hard drive (usually C:) is selected.

7) Click Defragment.

Depending upon the size of your hard drive it can take anywhere from twenty minutes up to one hour to do this. Once it's done click Close. Reboot (restart) your computer and you should be all set.

Oh yeah, this reminds me of a little trick I learned years ago. Sometimes your internet connection will freeze up on you, or one of the programs you're running will stop or lock up? And, ALT + CTRL + DELETE doesn't work? Try this: On the front of your computer press and hold the power button (hold it in until the computer shuts off, usually about five seconds). Turn the computer back on. Things should be running a lot better now.

How to Fix a Slow Internet Connection:

Sometimes when you're on the internet it starts to run really, really slow, or the web page you're on freezes. Here's a quick solution to fix that.

1) Open Internet Explorer.

2) Click Tools.

3) Click Internet Options.

4) Click Delete Cookies.

5) Click Delete Files (make sure you check "Delete all offline content"). Click OK.

6) Click Clear History (a window will appear asking you if you're sure you want to do this.click Yes.

7) When you're done click OK.


Question: Boy am I a lucky person to have read the Hometown News and see your "tips for first time buyers". I have used WEBTV for several years and now want to upgrade to a "real" computer to use for e-mails, search, eBay, etc. I've checked into Dell's entry level laptop ($668.00). But, after reading your article, you said to "buy local". Are you talking stores like Best Buy and Circuit City? Any suggestions as to what to look for, brands, etc. for laptops? I'm now completing an 8-class lessons on Basic Internet. Skipped Basic Computer, but feel I'm versed enough to know something's and shown others. I'm using Computer Granny, Book 3. Being 58 and will never be computer-savvy to the level that my grandchildren are :-). Thank you for any help, suggestions, and information.


Snowbird form NH

Answer: Margaret, thanks for writing. I'll do my best to help. Yes, I'm talking about local stores. In my personal experience you're better off buying local because of two things. One, you get to see and touch the computer before you buy it. There's no worse feeling getting all excited about ordering something online or over the phone, and once you get it it's not what you expected. Or, you're disappointed. Two, It's a lot easier getting it serviced.

Also, as I said in my first column returning the computer for service can be a hassle. I'm not knocking those companies (Dell, Gateway, etc.), it's just that it can be a drawn out process. You could wait up to 2 to 3 weeks to get your computer back. About a specific brand of computer.Compaq is a good name. I've seen them for less than $900. Sometimes you can get one for less than that. Some stores offer mail-in rebates. You pay the full price up front, but after the rebates you can save up to $300 to $400. The mail-in rebates are definitely worth it.

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