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Star Scopes, Week of March 9, 2012
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Posted: 2012 Mar 09 - 05:52

Aries-March 21-April 19

You seem happier now. Your energy is strong. You have a lighter spirit. Refuse to let anyone pull you down from this high. You know how to plan and you usually succeed. Aries is a fire sign. Fire rules the soul and spirit. Follow your spirit and you will continue to accomplish many wonderful things in life.

Taurus-April 20-May 20

You want more out of life than basic survival. You want more of the good things in life. You can have them. All it takes is a strong desire, focused energy and action. Keep your faith. Never give up on your dreams. Be sure to make a little quality time for yourself. Now is not the time to get stressed or burned out.

Gemini-May 21-June 21

Let others around you know how much you appreciate their support and understanding. Stay calm when others are losing it. You do your best when you are on a natural high in life. Release unneeded baggage from the past. Re-assess your top priorities. Do one major thing each day and you will stay on the winning path.

Cancer-June 22-July 22

Hello, Moon Child. I have seen much growth in you the past year. Stay centered and live one day at a time. This isn't easy for you because of your strong giving nature. Create new, deeper roots in your own desires. This will help your abundance grow and make you happier. You of great heart deserve the best because you give the best.

Leo-July 23-Aug. 22

You are feeling more inspired every day. Keep on lightening your load. You have a new slant on life and continue to grow in higher consciousness. You are ahead of the curve. This is good. There is so much to learn and grow emotionally, spiritually and creatively. Just remember to take time to play and you will see even more progress.

Virgo-Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Make daily affirmations for all the good you have been given in life. You have a great amount of love, peace, abundance and joy. All this is possible because of your hard work and faith in the higher power. It's nice to know that you are connected to this benevolent source. Continue to live it and you will be given all you need and then some.

Libra-Sept. 23-Oct. 22

There is much new learning that is making you very happy. You are doing a great job. You have set the tone for a wonderful year ahead. Continue to let your creative juices come alive and you will be happier than ever. You have the edge to really take a quantam leap in your understanding of life and the universe.

Scorpio-Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remove any limitations or judgment you have placed on yourself and move on up to new heights of accomplishment. This is a time to honor yourself. Spring will soon be here. Plant new ideas and help them grow. Listen to your inner guidance, live a balanced life and live on the edge. More great accomplishments are on the way.

Sagittarius-Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Being loyal to your own beliefs is paying off. It works when you stand up for yourself. Be patient, but firm. You have a lot to offer. Never give up on your dreams. You are a student of the universe, with a great knowledge of life and its deeper meanings. You have many secret admirers who look to you for guidance.

Capricorn-Dec. 22-Jan. 19

It looks like you are working your way out of recent stressful conditions. New and better life and ideas are beginning to emerge, helping you chart your direction. A good life is one lived enjoying the adventures created along the journey. The journey is more important than the destination. Goals pull you back on track when the world takes you astray.

Aquarius-Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You continue to take life to new and higher levels. Learn about the new territory being explored. This creates new and exciting opportunities to grow and serve. It's kind of like being a pioneer in an unexplored region. This leads to all kinds of fun things. Then it's off once more for even higher ground.

Pisces-Feb. 19-March 20

Now is the time to wrap up loose ends and bring unresolved issues to resolution. Soon it will be off and running on new adventures. You must have a plan that keeps you going with the flow and moving forward through positive action. This plan brings exceptional results.

Have a starry week, everyone.

James Tucker

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