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Rants & raves
Rating: 3.22 / 5 (36 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Aug 31 - 00:13

Let's move on

I love the Rants & Raves, but this response to 'Bring back the Bible' is too much. Let's move on. I am sick and tired of reading about it.

Don't gripe about schools unless you participate

We can gripe all we want to about our schools, but until we the people make the time to attend and participate in local school board meetings, we the people have no right to complain.

Campaign ads won't change my mind

I can't for the life of me understand why we have to put up with all these campaign ads.

I spend enough money to have my cable, so why are we bombarded with ads?

Looking at "Wheel of Fortune" last night, there were four of them all about the Republicans.

I know who I am voting for. Do you think for one minute I'm looking at those ads and deciding who I want to vote for?

It's only August. This has been going on for months, and there are three more months to go.

By the time November comes, I won't even feel like voting. It's unbelievable.

Not only that, but what about all the commercials we have to put up with?

It's just so sad that all good stories aren't put on TV like they used to have.

But we continue to have more commercials and more campaign ads.

Thank you.

Flood insurance vs. appraisal

There is a TV advertisement advising homeowners of the need for flood insurance, regardless of the area that you live in.

Upon investigation and inspection by an insurance inspector, we received a statement from our insurer that, although we go through them to write our insurance policies, the insurer will be another insurance company.

Now, here's the question: Our house is insured for $60,000. That seems right, but the company, in its statement, insists on insuring it for no less than $125,000, just for flood.

I've had flood insurance on other houses in other states, and it never exceeded the appraised value of the property.

Question: who is getting the difference? Who is getting the extra inflated fee?

Do any of our elected officials want to investigate and answer that?

Chinese surfboards

One of the last custom-made, handmade objects still made in the U.S.A. are American-made surfboards, which are the finest in the world; but at the rate of the Chinese invasion with their Chinese junk imported into this country, the American Surfboard Company will not be in business in another 10 years.

If that's all you want is Chinese surfboards, keep buying them, because that is all that is going to be there.

So, buy American, and stop buying this Chinese junk.

Treat servers with respect

I have feelings like you. I have lost loved ones like you.

I've been to your table numerous times and gave you refills on your drinks. Did you tip me a dollar and leave a comment that you ordered onion rings, not French fries?

I would have gladly got you some. It would have taken three minutes.

You know what I think? You were looking for one flaw not to tip.

Thank you. You were rude.

And thank you, Hometown News, for letting me rant.

Your car insurance is discriminatory

Happy birthday. I just got a present from my car insurance.

I took a safety driving course at the beginning of the year. In July, I turned 80. So, what happened?

My car insurance went up $200.

Thank you, Mr. Scott. You give the insurance companies everything they want. You give FPL everything they want.

Thank you very much.

Some thoughts after hearing of the success of the Mars landing

What are we going to do if we find life on Mars, send an expeditionary force up there to impose Democracy?

I watch as all the brain power was congratulating one another, and I and my wife couldn't help thinking of the problems they might solve for us here on Earth, if they were so directed.

And I wonder if corrupt creatures are hiding under every rock there, as they do here on Earth.

Minimum wage worker deserves the raise

I love my Hometown News, and that it is delivered and free, for somebody who is a "99-percent-er." This is a real treat.

I have a rant. I just heard on the news that many top executives are going to be getting pay raises this year, and stop the insanity.

The minimum wage worker deserves the raise, not the executive.

That minimum wage worker is the salt, the grease, the labor. They are the people who make it so the executives can live so high on the hog.

Stop the insanity. The rich get rich, the poor get poorer. The rich are robbing from the poor, and the poor are helping each other.

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