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Rants & Raves
Rating: 3 / 5 (35 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Aug 31 - 00:31

No more imported TV shows

Have you noticed that there are different TV shows coming from foreign countries that are showing on our channels?

Most of them are coming from Canada, and it's not fair, because we have hundreds of beautiful TV shows made right here in the U.S.A.

The TV stations are not buying American.

Tell them to get rid of these Canadian imports and start buying American, because that is the way that its "gotta" be.

We have to start supporting American industry, everything made in America.

Mandating that you must have health care

I'm calling to respond to the "Why don't you want us to have health care" rant.

This person says that they don't understand why Republicans are against all Americans having health care.

As a former Democrat, and now a Republican, I would just like to say that, yes, I would like to have all Americans have health care.

I don't have health insurance at this time, and I would love to have it; however, what I don't like, and maybe a lot of Republicans and right-minded people would agree with me, is that I don't like the government telling me I have to have it.

That's what it is about. It's an intrusion, another government rule breaking the Constitution.

To me that's the bottom line.

The government does not have the right to mandate that I have health care insurance.

Seniors, wake up!

The primary elections are over. I will address myself to the most important issue.

First of all, I must say, "Seniors, wake up!"

Just ponder for a minute. Have you ever seen such a divided country?

Health care will be the predominant issue.

If you haven't heard about Paul Ryan's plan, educate yourself.

Citizens, 55 and older, are not affected. You keep what you presently have under Medicare.

Don't listen and believe what any Democrat says to the contrary.

About a year ago, or so, the top Democrat in the Clinton administration found Paul Ryan and said he was incredibly smart and informative and full supported his plan.

OK. Now, as Floridians, we must do our part. We have to recapture the Senate.

So I urge all you seniors to vote for Connie Mack.

Bill Nelson was good for the space program, but he became a foot soldier for (President Barack) Obama. He can hold President Obama's right hand, while John Morgan holds his left.

Response to the 'younger generation' rant

I am 48 years old, and my parents raised me well. I respect what I have and work for what I need or would like to have.

I respect people if they give me respect.

I have manners that I was taught, and I taught my 20-year-old son.

He gives respect to people who give it to him.

That is the way I was taught, and that is the way I was taught; which all comes into the line of manners.

He works for what he wants and needs, also.

So I am sorry you feel that way about the younger generation.

Maybe you didn't teach your kids right.

'Obamacare' and more

Out of Europe came a people seeking freedom, the opportunity to grow.

Those families had a strong faith in God and man.

They did not fear danger, uncertainty, they helped each other.

We are descendants of those people. We have their confidence in our genes.

We left behind in Europe many people who preferred security.

Their descendants lean toward socialism, it's part of their culture.

Spain, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy recently borrowed, increasing their national debts, so their people can have great security, retire early, with medical care, large retirement checks.

Now they've discovered they can't make the payments on their debts.

Their debtors are starting to run their countries.

You want socialized medicine?

It will increase our national debt until we can't make the payments.

China is our largest foreign debtor. China will be glad to run our country.

Americans keep putting the increasing national debt out of their minds.

I'm sorry, but if you can't afford it, you shouldn't have it.

Fantasy's fun, but reality will catch you sooner or later.

Response to 'Obama as a dictator'

In responsive to the letter writer who refers to (President Barack) Obama as a "dictator," I strongly recommend this person look up the true meaning of dictator or visit a country that truly has a dictator running it.

What an insulting statement to make!

A dictator is a person exercising absolute, unrestricted power and control in a government without hereditary succession. A dictator is an absolute ruler, a tyrant, a despot and makes laws all by himself.

A country that is ruled by a dictator has never been a democracy.

I do not know what on earth this person is referring to. If he or she hates our president, that's one thing, but to resort to calling him something he is not is sad.

President Obama inherited the worst recession in 75 years. The recession is now over.

This writer needs to study up on how the Supreme Court works and how Congress works.

The president does not decide for them, especially the Supreme Court we have now.

The writer suggests we wake up. I suggest he or she wakes up, maybe stop watching FOX News or reading bogus emails?

Stop being part of the problem; help be part of the solution.

'Obamacare' not a tax!

A recent letter writer states he would like to see the liberals get the picture on "Obamacare," actually called "The Affordable Care Act."

We get the picture, and it's a great picture.

There is a penalty that some people will need to pay (not a tax). This penalty will weed out the "free-riders" from using the emergency room, that you and I have to absorb the cost of. Do you want them to continue to use the emergency room for free, or do you want them to pay their own way?

They will have to decide to pay a low penalty or actually buy affordable medical insurance from a choice of insurance companies (that are) not government run.

This letter writer asks 'Why don't you get it?' Get what?

With "Obmacare" our children no longer can be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions?

Insurance companies no longer placing a lifetime limit on coverage? Seniors paying less for prescription drugs?

The positive results go on and on. What does this writer not get?

The news is loaded with three names: Obama, Romney and Ryan

First of all, (Mitt) Romney and (President Barack) Obama are not selected nor elected by the people.

The CFR exclusive club selects the candidates, the nominees; and through voter fraud they select the president and hold a convention to show the people they have finished with the election process and a job well done; but deep in the darkness and shadows a sinister network has been at work to create another conspiracy theory.

But many intelligent and ethical people for years have been trying to expose the truths, but then the government cries conspiracy theory because the people have come to believe "the government version" that claims there is a conspiracy from a group of patriots.

I would like to direct the readers attention to several places where the true news and current events can be found.

Don't always believe the truth is from the mainstream media, quite the contrary. See below: thecurrentnews.com, alternet.org, therealnewsnetwork, globalresearch.ca and the4thmedia.

Theopednews.com has an article telling how the GOP and their dirty tricks have robbed Ron Paul of the nomination or is trying at theopednews.com/articles/how-the-gop-establishment-by-jared-glenn-120806-535.html.

Treat servers with respect

I have feelings like you. I have lost loved ones like you.

I've been to your table numerous times and gave you refills on your drinks. Did you tip me a dollar and leave a comment that you ordered onion rings, not French fries?

I would have gladly got you some. It would have taken three minutes.

You know what I think? You were looking for one flaw not to tip.

Thank you. You were rude.

And thank you, Hometown News, for letting me rant.

The Republicans are talking about privatizing Social Security once again

Let me clear this up for you idiots out there.

The reason the Republicans want to privatize Social Security is because in the past they borrowed trillions of dollars from the Social Security Administration that they don't want to have to pay back.

If they can legislate Social Security out of existence, they don't have to pay back the $2.2 trillion that they have borrowed from Social Security.

Now, if they can just write it off, get rid of it; they will never have to pay it back.

That $2.2 trillion can be used for tax cuts for the wealthy, and you can pay for it by giving up your Social Security.

That's what its all about if you are a Republican.

This is about the rant called 'The supreme ruler'

The ranter said that President (Barack) Obama dictated to the Supreme Court.

I don't know what you have been smoking, but I would suggest that you switch to tobacco.

Thank you.

Issue of the steel beam

In America, you never ceased to be amazed at the stupidity, uninformed people and people who just hate other people.

But now the big issue is over a steel beam in the shape of a cross that has been erected near "ground zero" and the new Freedom Towers (in New York City).

Now, the atheists and the Muslims are just having a melt down over it.

To the Muslims: I don't interfere in your beliefs, in your religion. I don't happen to believe any of it, because I don't practice it.

But I do respect yours, and I do expect you to respect mine, Mr. Atheist and the Muslims.

This is a Christian nation. It is said so in the Constitution of the United States many times. Get over this. America is a Christian nation.

I don't even care what President (Barack) Obama says. We are not a Christian nation; we are a Muslim nation, we are a Hindu nation, we are a Buddhist nation and we are this nation and that nation.

No, Mr. President, you are wrong again. We are a Christian nation.

Now, with that said, we are the most generous nation on the planet. We respect the feelings of others, and we respect others who have different religions and let them practice their religion wherever they want and whenever they want, and even the atheists, when they don't want.

When you go to another country in the Middle East and try to practice our Christian religion in a Muslim country, a Christian will be put in prison or be beheaded.

Is that supposed to be like forgiving and allowing other people to practice their religions like we do here in the United States?

Your car insurance is discriminatory

Happy birthday. I just got a present from my car insurance.

I took a safety driving course at the beginning of the year. In July, I turned 80. So, what happened?

My car insurance went up $200.

Thank you, Mr. Scott. You give the insurance companies everything they want. You give FPL everything they want.

Thank you very much.

The Medicare plans

Mitt) Romney said his Medicare plan would make the program solvent, while (President Barack) Obama's would bankrupt the systemm.

"Obamacare" strips $716 billion out of Medicare, which will lead to rationing. This figure is from the Congressional Budget office.

This fact was even mentioned in the non-partisan movie "2016," which is based on how America would be if President Obama has four more years to diminish the strength and vitality of our country.

I hope every reader saw the movie while it was playing in Brevard County theaters.

Let's begin asking for "Atlas Shrugged, Part 2" while we're at the theater.

Killing capitalism

We have a man in the White House who wants to kill capitalism in America.

His anti-colonialism attitude is not the same as what Washington, Jefferson and Franklin had in mind when this great country was formed.

President) Obama has been mentored all his life by card-carrying communists. Some are working now in the White House. Some are in Congress.

Socialism has not 'worked' in any country it has been tried.

We have got to get educated and involved in the candidates who are running in this upcoming election, and not reelect anyone who votes the wishes of (President) Obama, as they are very bad 'changes' for America and lead to hopelessness, apathy and a diminished economy.

Getting in touch with groups

Help us get involved in groups who are in touch all over the county.

Go to any of the websites: www.meetup.comBrevard-912-Melbourne-FL/, which meets the first Thursday of every month at 6 p.m., or www.actforAmerica.org/, which meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. or www.meetup.com/wesurroundthemmerrittisland.com, which meets every second Monday of every month at 6 p.m. or www.meetup.com/rlccef/, which meets every first Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m.

For more information, call (321) 255-7380.

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