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Rants & Raves
Rating: 2.97 / 5 (35 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Sep 14 - 00:32

Harness hurricanes and tornados

All the NASA scientists are losing their jobs because they are going to Mars, and nobody wants them to go to Mars. It costs too much money to go to Mars.

What for? To look at small red rocks and one giant red rock?

What they should finally do is to get together and put their rocket-scientist brains together and harness hurricanes and tornados for their energy.

That would be the end of hurricane damage, and we would have a whole new set of energy plans.

So, why don't you get to work, rocket scientists? Stop thinking of the past and that stupid shuttle system that went nowhere. It cost $500 million every time they shot it up in the air.

Now get to work on our planet.

If you can put a man on the moon, you can harness hurricanes and tornados. They are only dust, too.

Getting rid of junk

I wanted to get rid of an old door. I called our garbage collection service, Waste Management,

It turns out that for them to pick my door it has to be no more than 4 feet long. After pleading with the person who answered the phone, I called my town.

They informed me that the town had a contract with Waste Management that specified the measurement as 4 feet, no longer. Whomever signed that contract did not read or willfully sign it without regard to the public.

Now we have to take anything that is 4 feet long to the disposal area. We will be doing the work that we pay Waste Management to do.

If you have been in this situation before, please write the newspaper and let them know. If enough people write, may be somebody will look into this problem, so that it can be resolved.

Imagine an old person who does not have the means, strength and can't drive, trying to dispose of garbage that we pay a service to do it for us.

Editor's note: Does anyone on your block have a hacksaw or an ax? Maybe they could help you out. Or you could leave it out front. Someone may come by and pick it up it up for scrap within a day, or two, unless you live in a gated community.

Blowing leaves and grass into the streets

This message is for all the homeowners, renters and professional lawn care contractors, who do a great job caring for their lawn, and then broom or blow all the leaves and clippings into the street.

This practice is not only unsightly, but has a tendency to plug the storm drains, as well as carry all the debris to the streams, rivers, etc.

It is hurricane season. Any thing we can all do to help prevent flooding of our streets and homes during these times of heavy rain is a good thing.

I have personally witnessed boats traversing our streets in times of torrential downpour.

Please make it a practice to pick up the yard waste and place it by the curb. It costs nothing, except a few extra minutes.

Your yard waste pick-up is already included in your monthly bill. Thanks to all who utilize this policy.

After the election, 'who cares?'

When does it stop with our so-called "leaders?"

As long as they reach the ultimate position in their lives, they forget about everything else, e.g. where are those people responsible for this war? Perhaps traveling and having a good time?

Same with this Republican candidate. You can see in his face how badly he wants this position to prove to his family that he has done the ultimate. After that, who cares?

If I were a millionaire, I would be proud to pay more taxes to my country than take my company to another country, so I don't have to pay taxes or pay less. What a "leader." Sure, you got my vote out.

Millions and millions to campaigns

Now that we're really getting into the election season, I find what seems to me to be a conflict of logic.

Major corporations, along with very wealthy individuals, can just give away money in the millions to campaigns, as well as footing the bill for extravagant convention events, but have a problem with paying a little more in taxes.

Rather than laying off or outsourcing workers, just think of the number of jobs that could be created with the money being spent every four years on this process.

And what else I find illogical, is that so many people don't seem to relate these massive donations with future favoritisms.

Money talks, middle class walks.

Response to 'Teach skills'

This comment is in response to the Viewpoint rant "Teach skills that carry kids through life."

As a high school student in the early 1940s, the curriculum to becoming a teacher did not include typing as a requirement.

I felt that it was such an essential skill that I approached the principal and asked that I be allowed to take a typing class.

The principal refused because I was carrying too many credits.

After much insistence, he agreed under two conditions:

1) I took typing during one of my two study periods and

2) The typing instructor would not give me any attention except to administer and correct the tests that were given to the rest of the class.

My dad purchased an old clunky typewriter, and each night I would practice, practice and practice. When the tests were administered, my score was the highest in the entire class.

I am 81 years old, and would venture to say that very few days go by without my having to rely on the important skill of typing.

My feelings are the same as those expressed in the article for the skills of handwriting and math.

Our national deficit and how to battle it

Back in the 1930s, when I was a lad sitting on my grandpa's knee, he told me that the only way to combat a problem was to face it head-on, battle it tooth-and-nail, and win.

So, I thought I would apply this philosophy to the current problem of our national deficit - the logical way: with a tooth-and-nail tax.

The deficit is near $16 trillion and the United States' population is near 33 million people.

Each person starts with 20 baby teeth, then in adult hood, has 32 teeth.

Since a lot of older folks do not have the full complement of teeth, lets assume 24 teeth per person.

Each person ideally also has 10 toenails and 10 fingernails.

If we were to apply a $1 tax to each tooth and nail, that would add up to approx 7.92 billion teeth and 6.6 billion nails - or 14.52 billion combined.

At this rate, I believe we would soon erase the national debt.

So, let's all show our patriotism by clawing our way up, and taking a big bite out of this dilemma.

Feeding the poor animals

I wait for delivery on Fridays and go directly to the Rants & Raves section to see what everyone is voicing their opinions about. (It's a) great paper. Now, for my rant.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Humane Society of the USA and all animal groups who step up to care for our precious animals, who are mistreated, tortured by people, generally abused by people who are heartless when it comes to caring for them.

The ASPCA is the target of my dismay. I watch the Animal Planet channel. I know they do great things to help the "helpless" animals. They are being televised. Does that matter? I can't say but hope not. But when I see the commercial ads showing the poorly treated, sick animals and (quote) hear your "$19 a month can save these helpless animals."

Then in the same breath they say if you donated $19, or whatever you an afford, they will send you a "jacket, tote bag and one-year subscriptions for "Animal Magazine."

Where does that come from? I'm thinking between the administrative pay (and I'm sure it is substantial), the mailings, which are necessary, not to mention the postage to millions. Then you are offered a jacket (not a T-shirt), a canvas tote bag and a magazine for a year?

What part of the $19 goes to the care and feeding of the animal? Not much if you passed third-grade math and figure it out.

My choice is to buy pet food and deliver it to our Humane Society, Florida Wildlife and any other animal shelter.

If they did not offer those gifts, I'd re-think my donation, but at this point, I've stopped.

I guarantee the animals get fed when I deliver.

A book and three movies tell it like it is

With two months before the elections, I would like to recommend one book and three movies for people who really love this country.

The book is "Brave New World" by A. Huxley. The first chapter is a little difficult, but important; and you only need read the first three chapters to see the parallels to see where we are.

The first movie is "Soylent Green," and it ducktails with "Brave New World." It is very important that you watch the movie from the very beginning, because the introduction is a visual prolog to the content.

The second movie is "Teachers." If you care about your kids, this says a lot about school boards, administrators, teachers and office staff. It is very insightful, especially in view of the elections and the tax expectations.

The third movie is "North Dallas 40." It, too, ducktails with "Brave New World's" first three chapters. It questions if we are being entertained and distracted from the real important things that need our attention.

Maybe you have to be 89 years old to see the parallels in these four works of art, the parallels that have brought us to our present conditions. I hope not.

Response to 'Renouncing your citizenship'

Yea, if I were rich and a millionaire, I would probably take my money elsewhere, too, rather than support people who sit on the couch, eating potato chips all day and rely on other people to support them.

If people got out and worked a little bit harder and made their own money rather than rely on the government, who do you think pays for that? The taxpayers.

Why should these millionaires who work their butts off making all this money support someone who is sitting around doing nothing?

Medicare checks

How many of you seniors on Medicare got three big checks in the mail this year?

That is the money (President Barack) Obama saved that was taken from the insurance companies and the waste and the fraud. That is where your rebate came from.

It sure as hell ain't no gift from the Republican Party, you fools.

Independent voter thoughts

After watching the Republican Convention, I am thinking that they are going to be greatly surprised by the Independent voters by the way we vote.

We are holding back. We are not saying what we are going to do, but we know what we are going to do.

We put in a man who would have been the greatest president of the time, trying to get this mess straightened out; but everybody was against him. It was "just say no," just say no to anything that President Obama wants to do. They didn't give him a chance. He did inherit a mess. He's not making excuses for it, we are. We know what happened.

He did the best he could, and instead of just picking up on the good points of the things that he did do, they are talking about the things that he didn't do.

He didn't do them because you guys didn't give him a chance.

I just can't imagine that anybody is thinking that they are going to slide somebody in there. Once again, we are going to have the same agenda that we had just before President Obama took office.

More crossword puzzle problems

I guess you made the crosswords bigger for some of us seniors with bad eyes, and that would include me, I guess; but I don't like it the way it is one single bit.

It was much easier to work on the other way.

The paper is so large now, that when I'm sitting down, I need a large book or something else to work on the crossword, and I find it very inconvenient, but I guess you are trying to please everybody.

Go to it, and I will try to struggle along.

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