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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Volusia rants
Rating: 3.04 / 5 (26 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Sep 28 - 00:14

Give peace a chance

Concerning the anti-Islam movie, I am proud of our U.S.A. protesters who, without violence or killings, are getting their message across. The filmmaker and preacher in Gainesville should be fined and deported to the Middle East to be judged. They should not be allowed to defame the United States, image of peace in the world. Don't bite the hand that helps you.

What was the point?

I am glad the railroad work on South Nova Road is finally done, but I am curious as to what they actually accomplished. That crossing is 10 times worse then when they started on it. Maybe they were trying to make a big speed bump out of it. If so, they did a good job. Otherwise, it was a waste of time, money and resources.

A different perspective

May I point out a different perspective concerning the weenie wagon at Tom Renick Park. I have been around this area long enough to remember the sandlot, a known beach area where only locals and surfers hung out. Then some politicians decided to spend nearly a million dollars to pave paradise at our beloved sand lot.

Gone are the days when you could actually bird watch and enjoy the spot in peace. Now, there is litter and cigarette butts, and some sadistic playground planner placed a loud bell for children to ring. No longer can I hop in the car after mowing the lawn and have a place to park for a quick swim. The parking lot is now full of strangers, out of state tags and a food truck. No wonder there is a parking issue. People are going out to lunch where it should be beach parking only.

One last word, to visitors of any beach, the world is not your ashtray. Please stop littering. It is bad for the wildlife and yourself.

Housing needed

I am a fulltime resident and worker of New Smyrna Beach. I think the apartments on North Causeway are a good idea.

I really don't care what the people who can afford to live in Orlando and come here whenever they choose think. I would like my kids and others who are struggling to pay rent to have a place to live that they can afford.

I don't care about more condos. They are not needed. Affordable housing is needed. Keeping the beachside where I live the way it is, is important. New families trying to raise their family on the beachside are struggling with high rent, no dogs and now they only want nonsmokers. I raised my kids here and I would like them to live here, too.

What is the plan?

I would like to ask the New Smyrna Beach City Planning Manager, just what exactly is the plan?

Many of us in New Smyrna Beach are dismayed at the development we see .... more super Walmarts, more Cracker Barrels, more land and habitat cleared for another McDonalds, more boat ramps, where we will be filling in more wetlands, to put more boats in our already polluted Intracoastal waterway.

Now, a high-density apartment complex on 14 waterfront acres, with the increased pollution into the wetlands there.

Many of us see the urbanization of New Smyrna Beach taking place, being done by our own "planning commission." Don't they have any other ideas? Can't they think outside of the big box? Have they been to any other cities that have done this successfully? How about Greenville, S.C., where they developed a beautiful riverfront park that runs through the city, and a street filled with good restaurants and shops. How about the cities in Hawaii, each one with a central park area with shade trees and grassy areas to relax and enjoy the natural beauty?

The only park areas we have are our big beach. The rest of the town seems like it's being paved over. Many elderly people cannot go sit on the beach, its too hot. How about a tree-shaded park on the 14 acres? Some running trails? How about a Botanical Garden in our city, to showcase our spectacular flora of Florida? Why is there not a biologist who consults with the planning commission? Why would we take our natural beauty here, which is part of the draw of tourists and wreck it. How do we get rid of the planning commission and get a new one?

Response from Pam Brangaccio, New Smyrna Beach city manager: No. 1: There is an approved State Road 44 City Overlay Plan for land use and zoning, that was worked on over the last 10 years with the very active participation of county and city residents and officials from both the city and county, as it was recognized some time ago that annexation and development of the S.R. 44 Corridor would occur. At the present time, FDOT is also finally doing a S.R. 44 Corridor Study which addresses transportation concerns as well.

No. 2: With regard to park lands, in the last two years the City has worked with Volusia County to access ECHO grant monies (City General Fund and County ECHO funding) to purchase two new park properties, 40 acres located at Pioneer Trail and Otter Boulevard; and a beachside parcel located on South Atlantic, between Flagler and Third Avenues, which will provide public parking and pedestrian access to the beach as well. In addition, the city's CRA has funded more than $2.5 million in the last three years to construct Esther Street Park; as well as renovate Flagler Beach Park.

No. 3: With regard to the North Causeway, both private developments under review have been requested to construct a public sidewalk along the waterfront to maintain public access and connect to the city's pedestrian trail on North Causeway. The city has also obtained a grant for $1 million to construct a 2.2-mile pedestrian trail along a utility easement from Mission Road to Sugar Mill. There is an ongoing commitment from the city, when opportunities are presented, to seek grant partnerships to attain as much parkland, and pedestrian access as possible for the future.

Is littering legal?

When did it become legal to litter in Central Florida? About once or twice a week, I have to pick up a lunch baggie out of my driveway with a rock in it and some dumb ad. I am fed up with cleaning up other people's trash. First, it's the people throwing their drinks and bottles out the window and now, I have to throw away these idiotic ads? Trust me when I say I get an ad like this, whether it is Avon, lawn work, window repair, vehicle repair or computer repair, they go straight to the trash, right after the business name goes on my never do business with these people. Not creative at all, just more garbage I am being forced to clean up.

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