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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & Raves
Rating: 2.62 / 5 (21 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Sep 28 - 00:31

This is to the person who calls himself a Christian

If you are a Christian, you would not bash the president of the United States of America.

A true Christian shows respect to the leaders of their country. You read the Bible. You should know better ("What Would Jesus Do?").

If the president wins this election, there will a lot of heart attacks, and you will be one of them.

You said you don't care where he was born. If so, why bring it up?

I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. I also agree with Chick-fil-A to stand up for what they believe.

There are a lot of things the Republicans and the Democrats say and do that I am strongly against, but that does not give me the right to bash the president ("What Would Jesus Do?").

Four years is not enough for the president to fix the mess he inherited from the Republicans. It took them eight years. He was friends with the sinners and the wrong-doers. He said he came to save the sinners, not the ones already saved. He did not preach hate ("What Would Jesus Do?")

Regarding the first lady, someone wrote about her vacation to Spain and Africa and the cost. Before you talk, please check the places the other first ladies went to and their costs. They even talk about how she dresses. Don't you have anything better to do? She is one of the best dressed first ladies, next to Jackie Kennedy.

You have two choices for this election. Vote for a Mormon cult, who wants the middle class to pay taxes, while he saves his money abroad, who is trying to buy the election with his millions; or someone who is looking out for the American people's future, which includes taxes, Medicare and healthcare, etc.

All the good that this president does is being swept under the rug. He gets no credit.

Don't get a heart attack. Go out and vote.

Let's have sales on gas at the stations

Why are gas stations not able to have "sales" on gas, just like our supermarkets have sales on food?

It seems illegal and immoral to not give gas sellers the option to have "loss leaders" and sell below cost to get customers, just like any other retailer.

Why is the "nanny" state of Florida dictating price restrictions on free markets?

I wrote to the governor the same question and got a boiler-plate response, that addressed taxes on gas, which is not what I am asking here, nor when I wrote the governor.

Allow free markets to prevail. Allow competition to exist, just as it does in the auto industry, food industry, construction industry and every industry at the retail level, except gasoline.

It is time to make changes.

The election should be very easy this year

Why, just look what the Republicans stand for. The problem I have with ordinary working Republicans is that they don't get it that the rich, like Mitt Romney, are looking for them to make more money.

Just like the campaign add says, he makes millions when a company goes under and the workers are out of jobs.

He doesn't care about people, just like G.W. Bush. He got us into this mess, and 4,000 young Americans died, and he is playing golf somewhere.

Remember: United We Stand, Divided, We Fall.

Lets stand together and bring back the troops home.

Don't listen to Mitt Romney, Donnie Swaggart (who just cares about your credit card) and John McCain and others, who live in the most luxurious places, and tell you who to vote for their own gain.

This year is very critical for this country of ours.

Do the right thing by bringing the troops home to their families and bring Mitt Romney's companies back to the U.S.A. and have good credit around the world.

So go out, buy American, vote American and be an American.

This is a response to 'agoraphobia fear'

I totally know how you feel. I, myself, suffered from this.

I was at the mall with my two daughters, and, all of a sudden, suffered from a panic attack.

I had to get to the bathroom and left my girls at a store. I told the shop cashier to please watch them. I would be back. I just made it into the bathroom before getting sick.

It took me awhile to recover, and went back to get my girls to go home.

I could not remember where my car was, and once I found it, could not remember how to drive it. It was a five speed. My oldest daughter helped me, she remained calm, thank the good Lord, and we got home.

To this day, I can not go to the mall unless I stay in the outside area and just watch my girls. I cannot go into small stores.

The reason for this was that my husband had left us, and I was just having the worst time handling life in general.

I was able to continue to work, but anything other than that I had to have someone else with me.

The way I got through this was my best friend, Dan. He would take me places, anywhere, hold my hand, never leave me, even for a minute.

It took years, but I am better.

I still to this day, and its been 18 years, cannot go into one of the small stores to shop. Sometimes, I have to just leave. My face gets hot, and my heart starts to beat really fast.

Please know you are not alone. Get a friend to help you, even if it is to just walk down the street for five minutes at a time.

America, where are you now?

This is in response to the person who wants defense budget cuts.

I sincerely hope that this week taught you why we do not need budget cuts on our defense program.

We need to be doing everything in our power to help our armed forces, who are putting their lives on the line for America.

If (President Barack) Obama hadn't already made some cuts, it is possible that the riots that are going on in the Middle East would have been put at bay early on.

I, for one, stand for our military. The only way to freedom is through our defenses being at the ready at all times.

If the defense budget cuts go through on Jan. 2, what has been happening in the Middle East will be happening in America.

But I guess that is what all (President) Obama supporters want: America going broke, not having any national defenses and all American's living totally dependant on the government.

The America I know says we are a free nation, and you can make a great life for yourself if you work for it.

We will all be controlled by our government soon. They are already controlling our healthcare.

They tell us what light bulbs we should use (even if they are unsafe for the environment).

Now, New York City is telling you that you must breastfeed your children (formula is only available through prescription) and how much soda you are allowed to have.

This is what America is coming to, and it's very sad.

I do not want my government controlling my life.

I want my government to work for me as it used to.

Where are you hiding America? Please come back and make our nation great again. I miss you.

Big crossword, no challenge

What a delight to see a crossword puzzle big enough to read without a microscope!

What a disappointment to find it so easy - no challenge at all!

Handicap license plates for motorcycles

For those of you who are unaware ... the state of Florida issues handicap license plates for motorcycles.

The medical requirements are the same, whether you get handicap plates for a car or a motorcycle.

I ride a motorcycle and have a handicap license plate on it, issued by the state of Florida.

I have had folks yell at me, cuss me and threaten me for parking my bike in a handicap parking space.

Twice someone has damaged my motorcycle, while it was legally parked in a handicap space.

My gas tank was keyed (more than $700 to replace), and all seven lights on the back of the bike were smashed out and the light housings and chrome damaged (more than $400 to repair).

It's hard to come up with that kind of money when you're living on a Social Security Disability check.

If you feel it is your place or responsibility to be a self-appointed handicap police-person, please take the time to look at the license plate to see whether the bike has a legal right to park there.

And if they don't, a call to the police will be just fine.

It's not necessary for you to "teach the biker a lesson" because they had the nerve to park in a handicap parking space.

Republicans for the rich, Democrats for the poor and the middle class

When I was a young boy, during this time of the political process, I asked my great-grandmother, she was 94 at the time, "What is the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans? How do you know who to vote for?"

Her answer, then, is still the same answer I give to my grandchildren.

She said to me in her soft voice, "If you are well to do, or rich, then you vote for the Republicans. If you are poor (or middle class if you are lucky) then you vote for the Democrats. You see, the rich take care of themselves. They foster policies and laws that favor the rich (by using either influence or money to buy votes or lobbyists who, in turn, buy votes).

"The Democrats, on the other hand, work to help the poor or those who can't help themselves. (Ms. Obama said, 'We are our brothers keepers'). They also use the same methods to achieve their goals"

I guess the whole point of this comment about my conversation with my great-grandmother is that the only people who vote Democrat are those who need help. The rich don't need help, and don't want to help the poor (unless they make money on it). They want to keep all of their money, or as much as they can keep.

This is why we have a two-party system. How many people out there are using food assistance, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, housing assistance, medical assistance or a school lunch program?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then your Republican vote, should you decide, is voting against your best interest for yourself and your family!

If you don't vote Democrat, then just quit using the services you receive, because the Republicans are working to remove them anyway.

This is why the rich get richer, and, the poor get poorer.

Look at the wealth gap, and decide for yourself. GO DEMOCRATS !!

America: a 'third world country?'

It is amazing how the Republicans will say anything to get back into the White House, so that they can resume their crusade to bring America down to a "third world country."

President (Bill) Clinton left the nation in great shape with surpluses in almost everything.

It took George W. Bush eight short years to bring America to its knees and on the brink of being a "third world country" of extremely rich and extremely poor, with no middle class.

At the end of his eight years, we, as a nation, are still in a decline.

President (Barack) Obama did everything possible to bring us out of the funk we were in, despite the continual roadblocks set up by the Republicans.

Please give him four more years to continue the job, then Hillary (Clinton) for eight years, and maybe by that time, the damage done by George W. Bush can be corrected.

The last thing that we need now is Mitt Romney!

Hometown News is 'anti-Obama'

I'm sure you won't print this, but I want to say this to Hometown News.

There's four articles in Rants & Raves that are anti-Obama for Mitt Romney and nothing on the other side.

You guys are sure biased. And would you please even quit delivering me this stupid newspaper.

Thank you.

Editor's note: The Rants & Raves section of our newspaper prints on a first-come, first-served basis, and the length of the section is determined by the amount of space we have available each week. We do not pick and choose its content.

Babies alive inside

I find it hard to understand why people, as well as some in Christian denominations claim to be against abortion, but are for 'choice' and not only refuse to view the following abortion films, but claim that these films are deceptive and fraudulent.

. 'The Silent Scream:' The ultrasound technology now reveals the actual responses of a 12-week being aborted. The unborn child attempts to escape the abortionist's suction curette. The babies motions can be seen to become desperately agitated and heart rate doubles.

. 'Now the Whole World Can See the Truth:' American Portrait Films: Call (800) 736-4567 or visit www.amport.com to order. . 'The Hard Truth: America's wake up call to the violence of abortion.' This film is so terrible that it makes you get on your knees. Pro-life Action League's "The Hard Truth" shatters the myth of 'choice'

Religion thoughts

The uprising of the Muslim around the world makes me very upset, that as a Muslim they have to proclaim Islam, which is a peaceful religion, as a hostile and unforgiving one.

This is not the Islam I grew up with.

My condolences to the fallen diplomats, and I hope all those involved in this will be put on trial and be just.

America is the only hope for the people around the globe who are thirsty for freedom and live like human beings, with dignity and respect and justice for all.

I hope those people realize that all the life luxuries that they are using, all the technology they have, all the things that make life easier for them has come from America and the West.

I hope they also learn to do the same, instead of being like outlaws.

I respect this country and its laws, love the people for their understandings. I have been here for more than 30 years and will always be loyal to this country.

My only hope for those people is the word of God that says "love your neighbor" and each other - at least respect the word of God.

Religion should be the school of teaching, and learn how to love. Don't make it the school of hate and violence.

We are in this world temporarily, it is not ours. It's God's land. We have no right to destroy it.

Apologize to the Christians for a change

After watching the repeats of the events of 9-11, I cannot believe that every American is still not outraged.

I am so upset by this, still - 11 years later - and I am sick and tired of, I don't know if it's the media, or what, "kowtowing" and apologizing to Muslims for offending them.

When was the last time someone apologized to a Christian? All the Christians who are murdered and slaughtered overseas, that is never reported about by the media.

It's the Muslims who are terrorized by I don't know what. I am just so sick of it.

America needs to wake up to see what is happening in this country. I'm so sick of it that I cannot stand it anymore. It's crazy.

Please, someone, America, wake up. We, as a community, as a country, we need to defend our freedoms, defend our rights, electing a president who will help do that, not a president who will apologize to Muslims, Muslims who, if the truth be told, and this probably won't be printed, but the truth is, the facts are, its in the Koran: Mohammed married and had sex with a 12-year-old girl. OK, and that's the god they look up to.

Well, the god that I know is not anything like that.

See the movie '2016'

Please, before anyone, be it Jewish, Hispanic, everyone, even thinks about voting for president, I challenge you to spend $5 and go see the movie "2016." It is very factual and really explains (President) Barack Obama.

Thank you.

Defense budget cuts and the Muslim movie

Well done, to the person who wrote about the defense budget cuts. I agree totally, and I take it one step further.

All of the countries that are allowing their people to attack our embassies in these retched little countries over in the Middle East, all aid should stop immediately, for one thing.

That is pretty much a declaration of war on a country when you attack their embassy.

I forgot what I was going to end it up with.

Follow up to the previous message. Sorry, I forgot.

As far as that idiot who put out that movie that enflamed the Muslim population all around the world, I'm really surprised they can't charge him with inciting a global riot. There has to be some charge. Creative license and freedom of speech be damned, because he knew very well what would happen after he put out a movie like that, especially after that idiot pastor burned the Koran; and you saw what happened: 18, or more, people were killed.

There has to be a fine line. I can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater. My free speech ends there, when it is going to create havoc on other people, and that should be the case in this instance, too.

Ban smoking forever

I think that these anti-smoking commercials they have on TV are great.

They show what a disgusting product will do to the human body.

They show all these poor people with all these holes in their throats.

What I can't understand is with all the damage it does all the time, and everybody wants there to be a smoke-free, tobacco-free Florida, why are these things still legal in our state, let alone in the United States or in the world?

This is poison that should be outlawed once and for all.

Dear United States citizens

Here are a couple of the "Obamacare" details that the liberal press will not report:

. Insurance will be provided to all non-U.S. residents, even if here illegally. (Page 50)

. The government will have real time access to your personal bank account and will have the authority to make electronic transfers from there. (Pages 58 & 59)

Destroying the ocean, and us

A beautiful little dolphin baby just washed up on the shore, and I've been thinking about predictions Jacques Cousteau made 20 some odd years ago.

He warned us about polluting the ocean, and nobody really listened.

He also had a dire prediction; that if we poisoned the ocean, we were going to poison the land.

When the creatures of the sea, which he dearly loved, both the sea and all its little creatures started dying, we would be the next to die.

So, I think, maybe, we need to wake up and find out what we can do.

Again, there are some of us who did help, but some of us that never gave a darn.

So, give a darn. Let's see what we can do to get our ocean back to what it should be.

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