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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & Raves
Rating: 3.61 / 5 (23 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Oct 12 - 00:38

It is time to fix the lights

Two years ago, I tried to get the city to do something about a number of wrong things with signals. I met three times, wrote a detailed list with copies to the council, but nothing was ever done.

They still make you stop at signals where they do not need to, and sometimes stopping at signals because there is no car in your adjacent lane.

A single car on a side street gets priority, while 20 or more on the main road are stopped.

There is no synchronization of signals. The sequence may change depending on the time of day.

Some intersections have lead lefts, some use trailing lefts and most intersections prohibit a left turn on a full green.

Some signals are done by the county - to a different standard - which is even worse.

In some places, you can save time by going through, making a U-turn, and then a right, rather than waiting for a left arrow.

Far too many intersections prohibit right on red, wasting even more gas.

Just to add another laugher, the state does not follow the national standards for a red right turn arrow.

I really cannot blame observant drivers for being frustrated. Every needless red signal costs you about 90 seconds. How often do you complete a trip without stopping at more than half the signals?

My take after meeting the signals people was that they are incompetent, lazy or possibly just sadistic.

The newest trap observed gives all the traffic in one direction on a main road a red light - when a single opposed vehicle moves into the left turn lane. The solution is to stay close to the vehicle in front of you so they do not detect some fixed gap.

Lately, I think the county has been making things worse. have observed more locations where traffic does not clear on one signal cycle. This is in the middle of the day. I suspect it is even worse in high traffic mornings and evenings.

Worry about yourself

How about letting your god worry about the "abomination?" You, as do so many other "holy rollers," need to mind your business; and if you so much faith in your god, sit back, and let him work.

Stop sticking your noses into things that have absolutely nothing to do with you.

You can't stand the thought of gay marriage? Don't think about it. You can't stand the sight of gay love? Don't look. You can't stand to hear about it? Don't listen. You're tired of reading about it? Don't read it. It's really quite simple.

A sin is a sin is a sin? Well, love is love is love.

Not you, nor anyone else, has the right to decide who should love who, or who shall marry who.

If your god doesn't approve, let him deal with the "sinners." It's not your job to worry about anyone but yourself and your loved ones.

Too much hate and lying being printed

Lately, the reader-submitted Rants & Raves in Hometown News are so ignorant of the real facts of even simple things, it is astonishing.

So, I can't imagine that a reasonable letter with facts would even get through to this audience.

I believe many of these writers are either parroting what other people are telling them, believing mindlessly forwarded false emails or anything that is simple for them to understand, regardless of it being true.

It tells them what to think, regardless of the facts. (This is) very sad.

The lies coming out of the Romney/Ryan campaign is astounding!

Most anything can be fact-checked today to find out the truth, but I doubt these writers are doing that.

If they believe doom and gloom is ahead of them if (President Barack) Obama wins the election, then they should look into moving to another country, where I am sure they will find free health care.

I do not believe the world will be coming to and end, as we know it.

Voting 'NO' on taxes

It seems our local candidates, running for elected office, promise "fiscal responsibility," and have done the opposite.

The school board approved its budget based on a sales tax increase being voted in November 2012.

Already there are threats to cut student programs.

Instead, close under-populated schools, reduce administrators, reduce unneeded teachers, fewer school buses, etc.

It is impossible for residents to continue cutting their personal budgets to pay tax increases.

No tax increases of any kind will pass in November 2012.

Between gas and food increases, zero savings interest and rising home, auto, and medical insurances, the taxpayers' pockets are empty, and they will vote "NO."

Taxpayers have been forced to cut their spending and live within their means and expect elected officials to do the same.

The school board, county commission, and county manager haven't.

Budgets are the same as last year, but hundreds of foreclosure hearings and tax certificate sales are published weekly.

These people aren't paying their school and property taxes, yet approved budgets reflect tax revenue being paid in full. This is financially impossible.

Make "fiscal responsibility" decisions, as promised, to get elected.

Wake up, people. Vote "NO" on tax increases or homestead exemption amendments in November 2012.

For the sake of country and society

I am an 80-year-old concerned citizen, who tries hard to keep up with local, national and international news.

Of course, I have my own opinions, and I welcome differing opinions done in a reasonable and civil manner.

Recently, I have been unfortunate enough to be deeply offended by rude and crude opinions concerning situations and politics. There was even a threat of violence.

We will never work out our problems with his attitude.

For the sake of our country and society, let us please make the effort to be respectful and thoughtful toward others of differing opinions.

Jobs, family and business

Ann Romney was lauded by a recent letter writer, yet castigated because of Mitt's success in providing for his family.

Remaining faithful to his wife and working long hours is a large part of his path to great wealth.

He didn't benefit from his father's wealth because he donated his inheritance to a charity in his father's honor, one of the many altruistic acts of a compassionate man named Willard Mitt Romney.

Mrs. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy came from wealth and privilege, and the writer who couldn't identify with Ann Romney certainly had no affinity with Jackie, the Newport debutante and Vassar graduate.

Yet, her husband, another handsome man with a magnificent head of hair, who also grew up in a privileged family, provided a vision for our country: "to put a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth before the end of the 1960s."

Mitt believes business creates jobs, not government. I agree.

The jobs created by the acceleration of the U.S. Space Program were a result of a true leader's vision, not a government entity.

Parents: your children are hurt when you argue

When I was a young child, my parents would always argue, fight and curse each other. It had really affected me.

After 58 years later, I see the same thing happen among other parents; and their children see this and, deep in their hearts, these children are very hurt, and they start acting out.

I know that times are hard, and it does affect all of us; but please remember your children and how it affects them. Believe me, I know how it can destroy their lives.

So please try not to argue in front of your children.

Thank you!

Would-be dictator?

Wake up America! If, until now, you have refused to believe that (President Barack) Obama wants to be dictator of the United States of America, note carefully his latest rotten ploys.

He is refusing to give our military people, who are offering their lives to our country, the right to vote.

He is keeping the military from casting their votes, from using their right to vote.

He also has instructed several large companies, who have been prepared to layoff some people as a necessity, to hold back from making the layoffs until after the election.

President) Obama's bag of dirty tricks is never empty. He is constantly coming up with many ways to wrongly steal this election.

Wake up, America!

See this would-be dictator for what he really is.

The election: socialism vs. capitalism?

I think it is obvious to any slightly educated citizen that this election is a choice between socialism and capitalism.

The Democrats wish to impose some hybrid socialist system on us, while the Republicans want to continue down the capitalist path.

I think it is telling that the Democrats and the liberal press refuse to label their programs as socialist and use other descriptors such as "progressive."

However, it appears that the Republicans are also shying away from labeling their platform as "capitalistic."

Someone once said, "The people will get the government they deserve."

I like Winston Churchill's quote: "A socialist policy is abhorrent to the British ideas of freedom. Socialism is inseparably interwoven with totalitarianism and the object worship of the state. It will prescribe for everyone where they are to work, what they are to work at, where they may go and what they may say. Socialism is an attack on the right to breathe freely. No socialist system can be established without a political police. They would have to fall back on some form of Gestapo, no doubt very humanely directed in the first instance."

Keep America great

The thought process of many Americans is what can my country do for me instead of what can I do for my country.

In this great country, every person has unlimited opportunities to make a good life for themselves. Working hard, reading, studying and education are simply the keys to success. But what I see and hear are laziness and excuses.

It is sad to see the number of high school students in America, who don't try to do well by getting good grades, and instead end up dropping out or graduating with barely passing grades. America provides and requires this free education to all - what a gift!

People who are envious and resentful toward the wealthier citizens are blind. Lots of education and hard work are required to achieve a wealthier status in life.

The less-fortunate are only less-fortunate by choice. Stop buying cigarettes, alcohol and drugs and use the money to take classes to better yourself.

America is great from the hard workers, who put forth effort to make it great.

America didn't get great from people sitting around complaining and waiting for a hand-out.

Pretty much everyone has the ability to learn as much as they want with effort and perseverance.

America is not about redistribution of wealth or socialism - it is about working hard and helping this country lead in intelligence and world contributions to make life better for everyone.

President Barack) Obama was born poor, became educated and really wealthy, and is now President. He persevered through hardships.

Sadly though, as President, Barack Obama has put America into horrific debt and is continuing to do so.

Gov. Mitt) Romney was born into a family that originally achieved wealth through hard work.

He, himself, worked hard in college, made his own living and acquired his own wealth.

Romney believes in America and wants Americans to prosper through our privileges to attend grade school, pursue higher education and discover better and newer ways of doing things.

He wants to lead our country to prosperity and positive growth, so America can remain a world power.

Romney knows America became great and remains great through hard work and our freedoms.

I see President Obama encouraging Americans to seek hand-outs from the government, not pay their bills and to even get more into debt as he continues to offer and encourage loans and bailouts.

I also see him living a luxurious life of vacations and parties off from hard-working taxpayers' money.

President Obama pretends to be every American's best buddy, but he is not my buddy; and he has failed as my president.

I do not feel Obama's "Forward" will take America in a positive direction.

And regarding the really wealthy, which includes Obama and Romney, I say good for them. They took advantage of America's freedoms, worked hard and went far financially.

This is America, the "Land of Opportunity."

So, what great things are you doing for America to make her stronger and keep your freedoms?

Checking the 'facts'

People need to get real. People need to check the facts.

You turn around, and President (Barack) Obama is saying that Gov. (Mitt) Romney is going to a voucher system; when in fact, in the president's health care insurance reform, he has vouchers that come into effect in 2014.

How can you say something is bad when put up by one person, when you have it in your own plan?

On another note, how many vacations does Mrs. Obama and her daughter have to have, which, we, the taxpayers, are paying for, and they invite their friends on, which we are also paying for.

I mean we have to stop putting crooked politicians into office, and I don't care if that means senators, congressmen and especially the President of the United States.

Now, I am not for Obama. I can't stand Obama. And I don't like Romney either, but we can't afford another four years of Obama.

Put the country in the hands of a businessman. The country should be run like a business and not spending more money than we take in.

No 'smart meter' removal?

We read in your paper about the "smart meters" being removed; and since we didn't want ours since we we're having health problems, we called Florida Power & Light last week.

They put us on hold and then said they would call us back within three days between the hours of 8 a.m. and noon.

We waited those days, and no one called.

Today, I received a letter from one of the representatives from FPL. I called.

"He's not at his desk."

So that was another one, so I called a lot of the other numbers that the lady had told me about, and they were, unfortunately, not at their desks.

Now, we want that "smart meter" removed. I called FPL, itself, and was told that, AGAIN, a customer representative would get back with me.

I don't want it. I want the meter removed.

See what you can do, please. I know there are a lot of other people who do not want the meters.

Ode to working women everywhere

I want to say that last week's letter to Ann Romney was a wonderful ode to working women everywhere.

It should be published nationwide. It was really great.

Dear Abby, all the pundits and the "carpetbaggers" all say that we should make sure that we vote.

They say they don't care who we vote for, just that we vote.

My take on that is that it doesn't make any difference.

When computers were in their infancy, there used to be a phrase, "Garbage in, garbage out!" I think it is appropriate to the politics of the present.

I want my vote to have meaning. Too bad more people did not listen closely to Ross Perot. He seems to have been an oracle. Almost everything he predicted has come to pass.

Give me someone of substance, vision and integrity, not selfish ego, and I'll spend my vote.

I have to live with myself first.

American observations

Political talking points: If monkeys could speak, they would spew forth only what they have heard to the sheep, which would then be expected to follow them. Original thoughts would be nice, but are seldom heard.

The World Wide Internet: Facts found on the Internet are like passages found in a holy book. Depending on what section you look in, you get a different answer, fact or opinion. To rely on a specific set of "facts" from these sources is known as a belief.

Living together in peace: If you want the world to live in harmony as human beings, get them out of the house, apartment or condo and limit them to one hour per day of television, telephone use and computer access - total.

The election: It does not matter who gets elected to live in the White House in Washington, D.C. All that ever happens is that the working-man and woman get "thrown a bone" every time. Sometimes the dog eats better, and sometimes it doesn't, depending on which party is in office.

The rich vs. the poor: It is said that the rich became that way on the backs of the poor. The rich used to pay their workers a decent wage with benefits. As goods and services are now costing more (even though we are importing more of them), the rich feel, to maintain their standard of living, that they must cut back the wages and benefits of their workers. The middle class is fighting back, but is losing the battle, leaving an even larger gap between the poor and the rich. Who knows where this is going?

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