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Rants & raves
Rating: 2.55 / 5 (22 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Oct 12 - 00:53

Welfare must equate gangs?

Well, now reading about a young adult who was arrested for a shooting. Well now this is a direct image of the welfare program, gangs replacing an actual family. These young girls don't want a family, they get into government-subsidized housing and have a few kids, which the government gives them money for, thus they live for free. The only education that these people have is how to work the system. Now when police arrested the young offender in this matter they go to his mother's house and book her to for child neglect. I bet she'll not want to take responsibility for the kid's action. But they sure will use these kids who they gave birth to get that government check.

It's about time these so-called parents are held to take responsibility. It's not the community's fault but their own, so quit having kids just for a government paycheck. Kids should be had out of love and wanting to have kids, not just so you can sit at home and hang out. It's outright sickening to see what is real child abuse.

Oh, the taxpayer should not be paying for these peoples' well-being. If you can't afford them then don't have them. This would be population control.

Moving from Florida

We recently moved out from Florida permanently. We relocated from "cold and frigid" Pennsylvania as some Floridians suggested to us, the mountains in the Pocono Hills, two boating lakes, a club house, pool, beach house at the lake and many trees, leaves, wildlife and quiet. Yes, major shopping is 7 miles driving, which requires adjustment. Fuel is about the same price but cheaper across the state line which is close, 4 miles.

After the recent cost of my Florida homeowners insurance was presented to me, along with features that were now being omitted since last year (wind storms, screen houses, etc.) other things like the downsizing of food staples and paper products for the same sales price or a few pennies more. This I suppose is recovery from a recession or not. It will never go back to where it was never has!

I spent almost 20 years living in Florida after moving there from New Jersey. We (my partner and I) built a wonderful life in our older years. Medical situations created different problems for us and that also was a deciding factor in our relocation but not primary. Good doctors and services are abundant in Florida. It's a bit more difficult in the mountains, but it is available.

Another factor was proximity to our family and seeing and spending time with our grandchildren. That has been realized and is rewarding. Our move was my wife's call and I agreed. It was difficult putting 20 years of your life in boxes and shipping it out. What is more difficult is emptying these boxes and finding space for all your collectibles. It takes time and time is precious. My wife gave up a very happy and full social life, which she so richly deserved and did so unselfishly for my benefit. Yes, she wanted to be a part of her grandchildren's life also but that was not her primary purpose. I love her dearly for that and many other things. Does it need an explanation?

I think Florida may start or is in the throes of a population exodus from the state because of conditions permitted by the state on business regulation. It may be part of a bigger problem that is facing our federal government and many States. Will it ever be corrected to everyone's' satisfaction? That is doubtful but attempts are being made by many. I hope so.

To recap my thoughts: we left Florida for a personal cheaper cost of living, for medical reasons, and to be closer to family and old friends. It has been a task, stressful at our age and difficult but we keep Florida in our memory always and all the wonderful people we had the good fortune to meet and share our life with. They will always be remembered by us.

Giving credit where credit is due

I have to agree with the folks from the south, as they are not the folks with snubbed up noses and bad attitudes. I am from New York and have always found the majority of true southern folk to be friendly and very outgoing and welcome you into their home and hearts.

Most of the snobs are the people from out of state and think they can come in and just change everything.

Even though I find living in St Lucie County in a negative way, it is not because of the people. I am from upstate New York in the farming and just plain down home section of the state, where we always left our doors open. It seems like folks from New Jersey and New York City like to live out of the city and avoid those taxes and high insurance rates and they start buying up land and soon they thought they owned everyone because they were from the city.

They do the same thing down here, so I guess it's just the nature of the beast. They keep saying they bring money into the local economy, but all I saw was a bunch of antique shops and closed businesses. So before you start pointing fingers know who you are talking about.

If you're looking for change, start with your local politicians and leave the general population alone. They are not the ones cleaning out your pockets.

Dragging his presidential feet

With demand for electricity growing worldwide, the need for nuclear power is greater than ever. More than 150 nuclear energy projects are in the licensing and advanced stage, with 63 reactors under construction.

However, in the U.S., President Obama is dragging his feet. Nuclear is the safest technology in the marketplace. We need the energy and everyone agrees we could use an infusion of good paying jobs.

Unfortunately, our president is beholden to campaign contributions from flat-earth environmentalists.

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