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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.64 / 5 (33 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Oct 26 - 00:15

In response to: 'Stop soliciting'

At the end of the message, the person asked for help to stop being bothered. The following has worked very well for me. On a decorative tile, I painted what I once saw and posted it by the doorbell:

Don't sell me anything, give me anything, leave me anything or offer me anything.

If you don't know my family or me, don't knock on our door and bother us.

Have a nice day. (I added this last line.)

If someone has the audacity to ring my doorbell, I just holler through the window telling them to read the sign. I must now have achieved special status with the church group. As they now walk right past my house. Ahhh....peace at last.

Keep tax money here

Who gave elected official Ann McFall permission to outsource local ballot preparation, which turned out to be done with errors. Taxpayers' money should not have left our area.

In response to: 'Stop soliciting'

I applaud the individual who wrote the rant stop soliciting.

In a response to: 'Too many Floridians stink'

I feel sorry for the lady that she missed out on her chance to get to know so many warm and friendly people.

Apparently she didn't realize it wasn't perfume but Ben Gay.

What happened to good old fashion manners?

Have you ever noticed that folks for some reason are in such a rush that they left their manners at home. At a grocery store for instance, they will push their food carts right up to you and stand there waiting for you to get out of their way. Instead of saying "excuse me." They also push their carts right in front of you and never say "I'm sorry." Then they will stare at you waiting for you to say something. Maybe this is a Northerner thing. I still follow the line in one of Hank Williams Jr.'s songs, "We say grace and ma'am and if you aren't into that we don't give a damn."

Bike path needs to be taken care

There is a bike path from Woodland Boulevard along International Speedway Boulevard to Kepler Road. A lot of money apparently was spent on this road. It is plenty wide. After a couple of months, it was not maintained. I have called the Department of Transportation several times and never received a reply.

When someone does mow it, they do not edge or blow. It is never edged. The width has been greatly diminished because of all the grass and weeds that extend onto the road by not being edged. There are mounds of muck from mowing that they leave on the road. There are places where you can hardly pass because it has gotten so narrow.

I, along with others, have fallen because of all the piled up grass/mud along the path. It is a shame for so much money to be used to build this bike road and not maintain it. It looks so trashy and makes me be ashamed to know that DeLand is just a quaint little community and that care is not taken for the road. Why even build it? At one point, they had prisoners mowing it, but not edging or blowing.

Good going B&B

I'm writing in support of the new bed and breakfast nearing completion on Riverside Drive in New Smyrna Beach.

Congratulations to the owners, the Smith family, for persevering over closed minded citizens and those who are stagnant in welcoming change to our town. I can understand the fear of having a new venture spring up in a quaint neighborhood, but when the structure is a beautiful, appropriately designed mansion, designed to bring more commerce and enjoyment to our great area, I'm excited to welcome their business and vision.

I could understand residents' concerns if the business was like most of the hideous, dated structures that populate our town. Big chain box stores, churches in vacant old storefronts, thrift stores and other places that characterize New Smyrna Beach as just another truck stop, low-income town off of the interstate. The Smiths have experience running just this sort of lodging, and I believe they have efficiently addressed their neighbor's concerns. Folks may not like change, but when New Smyrna Beach is on the cusp of becoming an even better tourist destination, without the old, apathetic guard of the past, their bed and breakfast should be welcomed with open arms. We need something hip and trendy like this, not another gas station, drug store, or yawn ... another bank!

I know the Smith family has an interesting vision of providing an upscale lodging experience for both visitors and locals alike. What better place than New Smyrna Beach waterfront, can you enjoy a nice glass of wine, listen to some chill music, converse and take in the beautiful scenery our area has to offer? They've decided to invest their capital and hard work in bringing just such a place to our city, and I for one, can't wait to be one of the first to experience it.

More attention to education

With all of the election ads constantly on TV, the Internet and in just about everyone's yards, I have one question to ask. Why is it that the only time anyone who is running for office for anything suddenly shows great concern for our education system is election season?

Then once the election is over, their first job is how can we cut more from the education system.

So many people unfortunately don't vote by research, but vote by ads and that is probably the biggest problem we have in this country.

Of course, that could be because every time we elect someone who claims to want to fix the education system, cuts more so our children have less and less to learn. So I guess the answer is simple, our so-called elected officials are forcing our children to be at a great disadvantage to a better education. Think of that while you're voting.

In response to 'Stop soliciting'

The definition of solicitation is to approach with a request or appeal. This time of year, we get more requests to do surveys for the elections. We probably get three or four calls a day. Another, is one of the major drug store chains has "a would you like to donate" when you pay with your credit cards. This can be confusing to older people. I just don't like the whole thing.

To the citizens of South Daytona

We, the people of the city came together percentage wise and restored our rights as citizens by voting "yes" in the primary election. The amendment on the ballot for the "general election" on Nov. 6, is just as important, if not more important.

Think about the American dream of owning your own home, being independent and even owning your own business. That's what it's all about. Well, we as citizens of South Daytona will have that opportunity on Nov. 6 by voting "yes"... so, regardless of what you have heard or what you might hear, this is our once in a lifetime opportunity.

A vote of "yes" will enhance our way of life in South Daytona.

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