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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Indian River County

Rants & raves
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Posted: 2012 Oct 26 - 00:48

Is relief for power customers coming?

More than two years ago, we heard from electric customers outside the city that our utility rates were too high. In response, the majority of city council members began their crusade to get out of the power business by offering the system to FP&L. This is a complex sale, requiring every "i" properly dotted and "t" crossed.

In the meantime, has the council offered relief to its customers? It could take anywhere from another year (currently projected) to who knows when to complete this sale. If the rates were high two years ago, they certainly don't seem to have improved with time.

This reminds me of the story (maybe true. maybe not) of the family happily heading down the highway for their first trip to Disney World. On the road again after a brief comfort stop at a rest area, they are surprised to have a highway patrolman with car's siren on and lights flashing, motioning for them to pull off the road. Stepping out of the policeman's vehicle was one of the family's children who had been left behind at the rest area. The destination had become more important than the safety and welfare of the family members.

That's how we are beginning to feel. The focus seems is more on the sale than on us customers getting "relief," assuming that we were ever part of this equation to begin with.

How about a war on government?

Democrats, especially since L. B. Johnson. have given the idea that rich people are just a few feet above being evil. He declared war on poverty during his term. Richard Nixon declared war on cancer during his term. We still have poverty and we still have cancer, but which one got the most money and support? Generations of welfare recipients. No American wants people to go hungry here or in any part of the world. But it's gotten down to, "we can't save the world." But this administration actually wants to bust this country.

He wants to disarm Americans so we will no longer be able to defend our homes and families. He has no clue as to why people came here in the first place. They say, "let's overtax the millionaires as they don't need so much money." The issue is not whether they need it or not, the issue is, it's their money.

As an American, I will fight to the death they should keep most of it and pay fair taxes. Most people think rich people get away with paying no taxes at all. That's crazy. Who told Democrats it's a sin to be rich? My God says He wants us all to prosper, but be merciful to the poor, disabled and the sick. How much more can American's give? President Obama said he is all for entrepreneurship. How far will entrepreneurship go with the state this country is in? He's thumping our gourd.

I am a Christian, but I refuse to continue to pay for gangs and the parents of gangs, abortion on demand, illegal immigrants, uneducated girls and boys who make babies that creates more welfare. We have paid plenty for education, but 1 million kids did not graduate this past year! Who is to blame for this?

People who refuse to be educated, cannot be educated, will not be educated, would rather shoot up neighborhoods will always be with us. War on poverty was not a success. We need war on government, which is leading us into a Communistic state like Russia, North Korea, etc.

Immigrants came to this country with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Some were geniuses like Carnegie, Ford, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan, built huge corporations, put people to work with lunch pails and pensions. This is what created the right to pursue happiness, attain the American dream and created the middle class and beyond. There's an old saying: the harder you work, the luckier you get.

I'm fed up with "Let's get those dirty rich sobs!" To literally give welfare money unconditionally is ludicrous. What country received 1.5 billion from Obama recently? Who went to China and made deals with them, and is it those dirty rich people who should pay them back? I want real justice from the dirty banks, financiers, etc., that hurt so many people. They should be shot in the streets like the traitors they are. Where are they? Have they all been punished? Does anyone know?

Is being rich a sin?

Some people forget much blood was shed for our constitutional rights. In November, we must tell Obama we are free Americans and he wasn't the only one born poor, no matter where he was born. But in America the poor have the same rights to achieve as anyone else. Money can't buy an education for stupid people. Young people with a strong desire to succeed will do so no matter what. So don't give us the raspberries about the lack of funding our educational system.

Tell President Obama his leadership (or the lack of it), is totally socialistic and true Americans have got his number. By the way, you say you're an American. How American are you? Don't you know people built this country, not the government? Our Constitution gave us the right to do that. America has the best and most elite military and law enforcement the world has ever known. "They" have kept us free. not the government. With that said, your socialist/communistic leadership will not fly.

Where in history or in our Judeo/Christian Bible does it say, "It's a sin to be rich?" It doesn't. It's not a sin to be poor, but it is a sin to stay that way.

Let's tell Obama, most all immigrants came here poor, but knew they had the same opportunities as the next guy. Who do you think you are by trying to force people who have more than others to just give their earnings, inheritances, etc., to deadbeats.

Tell President Obama, no more free lunch. We suggest you stop giving money, kissing butts to countries who are killing Americans and getting away with it.

Angry with Obama

Democrats often accuse Republicans of being unwilling to compromise.

Four years ago, when candidate Obama was campaigning for the presidency, he pledged he would listen to all of the people. The reality, however, is that he has governed unilaterally.

Our choice is between Mitt Romney and a unified Republican administration or another term under President Obama, which would look much like the current angry and contentious one.

Don't blame the president

Sometimes the president is blamed for something and the writer is totally illogical: RE: A writer says, "The need for nuclear power is greater than ever. The U.S. president is dragging his feet."

He also states, "More than 150 nuclear energy projects are in the licensing and advanced stage, with 63 reactors under construction."

Just how many reactors does Obama have to build to satisfy this writer? Come on, there are real issues available for rants and raves. This letter is just plain nuts.

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