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Letters to the editor
Rating: 2.91 / 5 (32 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Nov 02 - 00:17

Thanks for the clean up

I would like to thank the mayor and city commissioners of New Smyrna Beach.

After contacting them regarding the deplorable conditions around the Brannon Community Center, which is a great asset to the city, Commissioner Jim Hathaway and the vice mayor brought this up before the commission.

A few weeks later action was taken. All the old weed strewn plants were removed, the exterior was pressured cleaned, new sod was added, plants and palm trees were planted, and mulch placed in areas where needed.

This action has greatly improved the looks around the Brannon center and Riverside Park.

H. K. Van Doren, New Smyrna Beach

In response to: 'Need more traffic enforcement'

A few questions for the reader who stated "people going out to Dunlawton Avenue 80 mph ..." in the Oct. 19 edition. Where were you trained to estimate speed? Or do you have you own radar gun? Assuming most of the "half asleep" people are making a turn onto Dunlawton, can those 90-degree turns really be taken at 80 mph? Perhaps you are the one half asleep if you believe Port Orange police aren't doing their job. By the way, I'm not in law enforcement, just a citizen who doesn't write baseless rants.

Rich Colesanti, Port Orange

More FPL half truths

I attended the forum on the South Daytona electric issue and I was amazed at some of the half-truths that came out of the FPL representative's mouth.

First, she stated the City of South Daytona would only have one transmission line. This is not true. The North American Electrical Reliability Corp. is a national agency that oversees and signs off on all transfer agreements. They will not approve an agreement allowing for only one transmission line. Their responsibility is to make sure there is redundancy and back up transmission available for every community regardless of who provides them power.

Second, she stated they have the lowest rates in the state, which is partly true. They have the lowest rates at 1,000 kWh of consumption per month. According to the Florida Municipal Electric Association, the average home uses about 1,200 kWh per month. At that usage FPL bills increase 20 percent and they become the fifth lowest in the state. The four lower are all municipal electrical companies.

Lastly, she stated they have the best reliability in the country. Again, not true. According to the Public Service Commission's L-Bar report, which measures average length of outages, FPL ranked the worst in the state and the municipal electric companies ranked the best.

I hope the residents of South Daytona stop listening to the propaganda and scare tactics being used by our electrical provider. They are a legal monopoly that provides information they want you to hear and not the actual truth. I hope everyone votes yes on the ballot issue. After all, we will never know how good this opportunity can be if we don't allow ourselves to try it. If it's not up to expectation, we can always sell it.

Ronald R. Wright, South Daytona

Vote for South Daytona

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, the citizens of South Daytona have the opportunity to do something really good for the city of South Daytona and its future residents.

The citizens have the opportunity to tell FPL directly that they do not own South Daytona ... we, the citizens, do. I have read about different views and the ones I find most outrageous are from one or two citizens saying they have never been without power during different storms or hurricanes. In 2004, we were without power for 10 days during one hurricane alone and have had outages before and since. Because of a recent power outage, I received a letter of apology from FPL, the first one in my 34 years of being a resident. I wonder why? Are they looking for my vote?

During the last hurricane in 2004, two FPL trucks were in front of our house with two guys in each truck and they sat there for more than an hour. Then they finally got out and went behind our house. I was in the front yard and they told me everything was taken care of for the upcoming hurricane. Well, two days later, the tree they were looking at fell on our house.

I would like to remind my fellow citizens that this will be the only chance to purchase the power from FPL.. We can't change our minds later. I firmly believe FPL should honor its previous agreement about the ability to purchase the power. Didn't their word mean anything? If they had left that opportunity for us in the future, we would have signed the agreement.

I sincerely hope South Daytona will never be in the position Port Orange is in having to reduce their firefighters income. How embarrassing for their citizens. I firmly believe any police officer, firefighter, EMT should be paid a living wage. They should not have to work a second job to make ends meet. Our safety and well-being depends on them. We do not want them to have their minds on whether they can pay their mortgage, buy groceries or provide the necessities for their families.

If South Daytona purchases the power, all that revenue will be put into the City of South Daytona - not paying absorbent salaries of executives. And will provide additional jobs for the city. Also, don't forget FPL has spent more than $200,000 to stop this.

Please, please South Daytona give this a thorough thought before voting.

Dorothy Folker, South Daytona

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