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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Indian River County

Rants & Raves
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Posted: 2012 Nov 02 - 00:50

Absentee ballot scam

My daughter received an absentee ballot, which she didn't request. She called about it and was told she had asked for it on an e-poll (which she had not done). She was then told someone must have put her name down by accident.

I think this could be some sort of scam. My daughter has no party affiliation. She was told to throw it away and go to the polls on voting day. If she does that she may be turned away with the explanation that she had requested and probably used an absentee ballot. She is upset and confused. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Slow down

I've been putting off writing this "rant" for months now, but after what I saw yesterday I had to do it.

Let me start out by saying that the speed limit all through North River Shores in Stuart is 25 mph.

Someone forgot to tell the people who live here. I moved into the area four to five years ago and can't believe the speeds in which people drive up and down NW Fork Road. There are a lot of people out walking dogs, riding bikes, kids playing everywhere and groups of joggers. I happen to be a dog walker and cover a lot of ground in the neighborhood. Not a bad place to live, a few friendly people (mostly snobs) and most take care of their properties.

Yesterday, I spotted one of those flashing signs that show your speed upon approaching North River Road. Approximately 100 yards before this speed sign there are two stop signs approximately 50 yards apart. Really? From the bottom of NW Fork Road to U.S. 1 is approximately a 1/2-mile with no stop signs. Spruce Ridge is also a long, winding road without stop signs.

I've seen radar twice since I've lived here, once on a Saturday afternoon when no one is on the road. Did someone really get paid to make the decision as to where to put that useless sign? This county has plenty of money to tear up roads and put in new medians with their trees and flowers to keep the rich happy. Do you think they can spend a few bucks for a couple of cops to run radar or a speed trap once in a while?

It's really gotten out of hand around here and these people won't care until someone gets hurt. I could go on and on about other issues in the area, but I'll leave that for another time.

Likes Veterans Park, museum

Saturday morning, I enjoyed a visit to Veterans Park and visited the Road to Victory Military Museum located inside the park next to the tennis courts. I know the museum is actively involved in the Stuart Air Show which benefits the museum, its Venture Scouting program and a number of local non-profits.

I was quite impressed to see a number of changes made to the museum, i.e., added displays and a library research room. A number of Boy Scouts were in attendance, and it was thrilling to see the youngsters interested in our past history.

The museum showcases the sacrifices of men and women from all conflicts. I encourage area residents and their guests to consider a visit to the Road to Victory Military Museum.

It's open Saturdays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by special appointment.

See you at the museum and the air show. Enjoy the fall and the large variety of fun events here in Stuart, Port St. Lucie and sunny Florida.

Local elections

I am so excited about the upcoming election for our County Commission District 1 seat.

I want to let people in St. Lucie County know how wonderful the spay and neuter program is doing. It has saved public taxpayers thousands and has allowed our best friends (dogs and cats) to live better lives than they were subject to prior to its inception.

Our Mayor Bob Benton was instrumental in supporting this very program.

He is a wonderful advocate for our four-legged friends without taxing our citizens for an important need that this county could not have afforded.

Two of his dearest friends started the program as volunteers and continue to run the program today. I am very excited to see what Bob will be able to do for our county since he has done so much for our city in all of the years he has faithfully served.

Thank you Hometown News for printing my article, I do appreciate it.

Inconsistent speed limits

If you're going to Fellesmere from Sebastian on IRC 512, the speed limit through the I-95 interchange is 50 mph.

If you're coming from Fellesmere to Sebastian on IRC 512 the speed limit is 45 mph through the I-95 interchange.

Why the inconsistency?

It should be 45 mph going both ways.

Mock voting in elementary schools?

I can't believe what I just read in the paper.

Sixteen schools in Palm Beach County took part recently in a "mock vote" for president. This included an elementary school from K-5, the article said.

How ridiculous is this? What does a 5 to 10 year old know about voting? It is unfair to all candidates running and causes false truths.

Perhaps high school would be OK because these kids would vote soon, but, 6 year olds? Give me a break!

Is that where my tax dollars are going this year in the school systems?

Changing the economy overnight

With an annual federal budget of $3.5 trillion and a GDP of about 14.6 trillion, the U.S. economy is a colossal, ever-complex piece of machinery moving at its own set pace that no force however strong can accelerate.

The best one can hope for, in a perfect world, is to maximize its momentum to keep it going steady. But we are not in a perfect world. The average intelligent American understands this.

So, it is extremely premature to determine, at this point, the final results of the current administration economic policies. Sure, there are small indicators as to the efficacy of the economic stimulus programs. But the full impact, positive or negative, is yet to be attained, providing of course, that no drastic changes are introduced.

Steering the U.S. economy under the current political climate is like driving a maximum capacity, loaded 18-wheeler at 70 mph, on a single-lane, under repair road and realizing that you must make a u-turn. Add to that a traffic cop (the opposition party) putting restrictions on your maneuvers and the low-fuel red light (budget deficit) has been on for awhile.

So, if we think that a new administration advocating radical change (u-turn) to the current economic policies is going to quickly deliver jobs and prosperity for all, we are poised for a rude awakening. It's just simple logic, without contemplating the effectiveness of the new policies.

Granted, the work will not be as grueling, but it will still be arduous because the road has improved, but it is still under repair. And the opposition party will be there to restrict maneuvering and the low-fuel light just got fire red.

The best we can hope for is that the current administration policies deliver positive results. We get the benefits of some prosperity for a few years while the new administration makes its u-turn.

Remember, the United States economy cannot be changed overnight, especially when the changes are as radical as a 180-degree turn. If you have seen that old footage of the cheetah running at top speed lunging at its prey and the defenseless creature managing to dodge the attack, do you remember how long it took for the cheetah to stop, gain its composure, turn around, revitalize the pursuit and built momentum again? Exactly!

Editor's note: The International Monetary Fund lists the U.S. GDP at slightly more than $15 trillion.

Lending money poorly

President Obama has been traveling around the country bragging that "Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive." Apparently that is being claimed as the administration's only success. But wait a minute.

President Obama lent GM $80 billion but will be getting back just $55 billion. What happened to the remainder, the lost $25 billion? Would you lend $80 to your neighbor if you knew you would be getting back $55 in return?

Our schools are teaching the "new math" but this does not make sense to the average taxpayer.

Social Security

If you value Social Security, consider that when it started years ago many workers were paying into the system but only a very few people were collecting. Today there are only three people paying for every recipient. Economists call that unsustainable. That's why the system is going broke. It gets worse.

As baby boomers retire, it will deteriorate to only two paying in for each recipient. Statistics are boring but the Social Security trustee's report (April 2012) presents only the facts.

Just one political party has the guts to work out a program to fix Social Security.

Wolves in politics

"Romney is a wolf in wolf's clothing. Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing" (Jill Stein quote). When Fox pretends to be news, why let Fox in the henhouse, much less our home? Let's not be chickens or sitting ducks.

Sometimes bloodthirsty human beings will do anything for attention. Those flattering and fawning on them, granting them the worldly glory of corrupting power over life and death, are lost. They're stuck in a masochistic, compulsive insanity. These foolish seem to prefer a comfortable ignorance while their princes drive the ship of state toward the end of the world. The ride is a tantalizing, tickling one for those delighting in evil, and none of us is exempt.

No student learns without doing the necessary homework, and most of us haven't.

The wise frog never gives the hunter a gig. A wise person worships deity, not scum betraying the hopes and dreams of mankind. The latest savior-substitutes proffered by the sold-out media may shine bright for a little while, but as we well know, all that glitters, with doctored teeth full of lies, is no way gold.

We rationalize our prejudices, and dress them up in handsome finery, but the king ain't wearing no clothes, baby.

Editor's note: Jill Stein is running for president of the United States as a Green Party candidate.


After several days of being told by President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Secretary Rice and other White House officials, that the attack on our embassy in Libya was the result of a video, we were finally told it was a coordinated terrorists attack. Now emails have been obtained that show not only did the president and his staff know immediately that it was a terrorists attack, but they were getting real-time emails as attack was occurring.

During the attack, which lasted an estimated eight hours, our president chose not to take any action. No military was sent to help the trapped diplomat or other three Americans. The result was four American deaths. Our president did nothing.

Our president has used the past four years to travel the world, play golf and rub elbows with the Hollywood elite, all on our dime. What he hasn't done is lead. He said during the last debate that the No.1 job of the president is to keep the American people safe. I agree. Based on his own statement, he has failed. He has not earned our support, nor does he deserve our vote.

Put America first. Vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

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