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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.63 / 5 (24 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Nov 16 - 06:17



Way to go



Congrats to the DeLand Bulldogs on winning the division. It was a great game against Flagler-Palm Coast.



I am responding to: 'Leave women alone'



We are not telling her what to do with her body. We are just saying we don't want to pay for it. As far as the Bible or Christianity being mythology, tell her to check out the fact the prophecies have all come about. I don't know what more proof you could use. You might want to pick up a Bible and look at the New Testament because we believe the Lord will be coming back soon. There are only two choices in eternity, heaven or hell.



In response to: 'Better policing needed'



I was so happy to see someone had the guts to speak about the Port Orange Police situation.



In response to: 'Better policing needed'



I agree that better police are needed in Port Orange. I called the police on my neighbor who was threatening me. I was told there was nothing I could do unless he was on my property and physically harming me. I thought I moved to a safe area. Now, I am not so sure.



Thanks for the amendment summary



Just wanted to let Hometown News know that I appreciated the amendment descriptions in the paper, and used it to help me vote. Thank you.



Where is the boat?



This is a sad story about Will and Luke. They are two friends who go fishing together and are in a team sport fishing association at DeLand High School. They also fish at Blue Lake Landing. They went to Blue Lake Landing recently to go fishing after school. The boat, which they left upside down on the landing, was gone. The boat was a gift from Will's dad. Will had left it on the landing, thinking it would be safe. It's a green bass tender. If someone took it by mistake, please return it to Will's grandfather, 431 Blue Lake Ave. Will is 14. Luke is 15. They just love to fish and never bother anyone. Most of the time, they throw the fish back.



In response to: 'Leave woman alone'



If you don't want the tree don't plant the seed. No one is obligated to have sex, but if you do use a pregnancy protection. You are responsible for continuing the life you formed.



Where did I get the flu?



OK, who gave me the flu?

Was it the guy working at the deli with the rubber gloves on? Who then took money with the rubber gloves on and then gave me the change with the rubber gloves on. He then proceeds to make the next sandwich for the next customer.

Money is the filthiest thing in the world.

Or could it have been the pizza place? Where they also wear the rubber gloves, but also took my money and gave me my change with the same gloves.

Where is the sense in that? They are touching filthy money and then making another pizza.

To tell you honestly, I have a feeling it was the pharmacist who was sick. The pharmacist and tech do not use rubber gloves, because supposedly they do not touch the pills with their hands, but they do move the pills around with a spatula. We suspect sometimes the pills don't spill out as they are supposed to and they need to pick up the pills by hand. They also take prescriptions from sick people, then they are touching a bottle and cap, which they give back to you. Should they be wearing the rubber gloves? Maybe, they should.

Let's get with it people, why where the rubber gloves if you are not going to abide what they are their for.

By the way, I am still sick.

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