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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.3 / 5 (33 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Nov 30 - 06:15

In response to: 'Land of the rednecks'

After reading, "Land of rednecks?" in the Friday, Nov. 9, edition, which we are in total agreement with, I realized we are not the only ones confused about Edgewater, "The Hospitality City."

Our neighborhood has been besieged by pit bulls that have been roaming in the wee hours of the morning, and brutally mauling and killing cats. Our precious kitty was just killed "on our own property" and our neighbor's cat was killed by them a few weeks ago "on their own property," not to mention others. Volusia County Animal Control told us that they are unable to do anything unless we actually see them running loose "in the middle of the night" and killing our cats.

Really? So that is the best that we can do to save our defenseless pets from slaughter. We have a leash law in Volusia County ... enforce it. Please find a way to patrol and protect our neighborhoods in the middle of the night. That is when they let their pit bulls roam.

Contain animals

While the absence of a loving pet is devastating, those that believe they can break the law continue to breed, allow their animals to roam, and suffer no consequences. But remember, "What you sow is what you reap." I pity you folks that feel you are above the laws. You will understand when it's your pet or child.

In response to: 'Dining with dogs in Ormond Beach'

I understand where "Dining with Dogs in Ormond Beach" is coming from, but they shouldn't condemn all dogs or rather dog owners. It sounds as if the problem isn't the dog, but their owners. Similarly, if a baby cries continuously in a restaurant, a responsible parent would walk them out of earshot of other diners until they calmed down.

We recently visited Savannah, Ga. for four days and took our small Yorkshire Terrier. We ate four times at restaurants that allowed dogs at the outside tables and observed no problems. To most pet owners, dogs are part of the family and if they can take them along they usually will. You can't let your dog run around any more than you would let your child run around.

But please don't indict all dogs or dog owners. If allowed, we would take our dog to the movies and he would sit in our lap without a sound, but we can't and we don't. But we do take him to fairs and the like.

In response to: 'Dining with dogs in Ormond Beach'

Apparently you did not look up the laws very well or you would know that dogs are allowed at outside restaurants.

Your rant was amusing, I could just see you jumping up and down saying "I am not getting my way." People are not allowed to do something I don't like. Well, guess what, the world does not revolve around you and fortunately there are far more animal lovers that like to spend time with their animals. I am allergic to the cheap flea mart perfume that people in this area take baths in, and I have to suffer through that. If you don't like the fact other people are enjoying their time with their friends and animals, then I suggest you go to another restaurant. If it was illegal, do you really think restaurants would allow it? Maybe before you open your mouth about a subject, you should be sure of all the facts. Animals are not allowed inside a restaurant or food establishment. Animals can be at a table of an outdoor restaurant. You should try a pet, they make better friends then most humans.

In response to: 'Where did I get the flu?'

I am sorry, but if you watched someone make your sandwich or pizza wearing gloves and then not change them when they took your money I would not have taken the food. Those are major violations of the health code.

Several years ago I entered a Subway and, as I stood in line, I watched the woman making the sandwiches stop, answer the phone and continue making a sandwich. I did not order instead I contacted Subway, which took action right away. If you chose to eat a sandwich or a pizza after watching the person not change gloves, then all I can say is, you gave yourself the flu.

In response to 'Leave women alone' responses

Regarding rebuttals to "Leave women alone" in the Nov. 16 Hometown News, apparently written by male members of the flat earth society.

The original writer was making the point that Romney, Ryan and Republicans were bringing their religious views into politics and disregarding separation of church and state. The Christian reply was laughable in two respects: the Bible wasn't begun to be written until hundreds of years A.D. By then it was all hearsay and many of the prophecies came from Greek mythology. Also, he assumes the writer was only referring to Christianity. Proof perfect of a narrow-minded bigot.

Regarding the ranting seed planter. Obviously he has little experience in the matter as raising a tree doesn't require 19 years of 24-hour a day of nurturing.

Both writers overlooked another word that starts with an R, rape. Here is another word, rejected.

Don't want to hear you now

Can you hear me now? I hear this phrase all the time when someone is on a cellphone. Being on the phone for 45 minutes around a crowded pool or in a crowded restaurant is not using common sense. Nobody wants to hear your conversation, so step away, and go outside. Use some common sense. No one wants to hear you run your mouth for 45 minutes.

Too much satire

Why do politics and news often provide late night comedians and Saturday Night Live with more material they can use? It amazes me when a serious news channel reports the news in a way that makes one wonder if Saturday Night Live has switched to mornings. During a recent morning broadcast, I could not believe what followed a very serious story regarding the implications of the fiscal cliff situation. Immediately following was the president's trip to Myanmar and donating $170 million in aid. While it is commendable, the fact that a story about the United States nearing the fiscal cliff is followed by the U.S. donating this money elsewhere boggled my mind. Do the producers not watch their own programs? To report them back-to-back shows a severe lack of judgment.

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