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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.33 / 5 (18 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Nov 30 - 07:09

In response to a ranter

Upon reading the rant of non-educated people, which actually appeared to be two posts, as the content is almost word for word. This is concerning opportunity. According to the writer the true color shines through that he actually is professing that voters for Obama were uneducated and we should go to the library to get educated.

I believe the right to vote applies to all and just not the privileged educated. Education status has no bearing on the fact. In a truthful outlook over the past the position of being educated has not even had a bearing on our politicians who run the government.

You mentioned prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance and here I have to agree, but yet we also must remember that prayer was never forced upon anyone. If the pledge bothers someone then there is the door.

We are so quick to blame the economic woes upon the present president but this shortfall has been passed down and coming for a while.

Our government wastes more money than anyone could ever imagine. Both parties spend countless hours building up and trying to tear down the Obama administration yet the fact that an audit by Ron Paul of the Federal Reserve showed that $16 trillion has been loaned to U.S. and foreign banks interest free and not one dime was paid back since 2007 to the present. Why is there not an outcry for this, or is it because it's just big banking?

It seems if someone voted for Obama they are just looking for a handout. What I would like to ask is who is responsible for the loss of our jobs to China, who created the housing bust, who took money from Social Security to pay off other debts or help balance budgets? You don't need to go to the library for this one just look to Washington.

It seems like every year you hear the same old tale that we must get out of this hole and pull up our bootstraps and pitch in. This is why the marketplace and local governments are having problems with unions as the American people are not pulling up their bootstraps anymore. We are tired of bailing out the government and large corporations while these people line their pockets with gold and it will end up being just on a continuous cycle. The people don't want it anymore and since you caused my good-paying job to leave you now want me to accept a big-box job receiving minimum wage and fewer benefits and being treated like cattle.

This is what you want the American people to do? You do it first! You support a family and pay your mortgage on a house that is not even worth what you paid for it, and you put gas that has doubled or tripled over the past few years all on minimum wage. Just so I can say I have a job. It's not economically sound. The government made their bed and now the time has come for them to sleep in it. The government could fade away tomorrow and I would survive fine. It is the folks who are so far up the governments' behind that they won't know what to do without them.

Your final assumption was that these so-called parasites of society should not be allowed to reproduce. Your way of thinking reminds me of a few books I read on a man and if you go to the library. you profess that you do. I would suggest you read about him while you are there. Look in the card catalog under Hitler because he professed the same thing about the Jews. That statement took away any educated credibility you might have had.

Editor's note: A bill to audit the Federal Reserve, sponsored by former presidential candidate Ron Paul, passed the House in July. The bill was then blocked in the Senate and never came to a vote.

A thank you and an opinion

I want to thank Hometown News for checking the rants for accuracy and citing the deviations from fact. Too many rants are presented as gospel. Keep up the good work.

As for the recent rant, "Fire the CEO, the USA is not a for-profit corporation." The old saying, "the business of America is business," might pass for wisdom at a Rotary Club lunch, but America is far more than just a marketplace.

Not only can business flourish here (hopefully, all private enterprise, not just corporate monopolies), but also science, the arts, education and small-d democracy.

According to Gov. Christie, president Obama has been on the phone with him every day since Sandy struck New Jersey and the northeast. He said the president has gone out of his way to see that material and services have been fast-tracked to his state. The president visited New York and New Jersey for a first-hand look at the situation on the ground.

As for one of our drones being fired upon by Iran; what should we expect? The drone was flying over Iranian airspace, not Fort Pierce. Iran does have the right to protect its own air space. American exceptionalism does not give us the right to intrude on another country, nor does it give us the right to ignore history.

During the latter days of the Eisenhower administration, Francis Gary Powers, pilot of a U2 spy plane, was shot down over the Soviet Union. He was captured, much to our embarrassment, but not to our surprise.

A military flight over enemy territory will not be greeted with a bouquet of flowers, although Donald Rumsfeld assured us we could expect as much when we invaded Iraq to relieve them of their dictator and all their weapons of mass destruction. Of course they had them, intelligence agencies told him so. Well, Don was right about the dictator; he was there.

Republicans of the Tea Party are determined to undo all social progress made since the New Deal. That will not happen.

Successful air show

The Stuart Air Show Nov. 9, 10 and 11 was a huge success. I would like to encourage all of Stuart and the surrounding areas to attend the Stuart Air Show in 2013.

The show was full of talented aerial acts along with rides for the children and numerous displays of local businesses and fun treats to eat. We enjoyed facilitating the WWII battle reenactments for the air show.

Many area nonprofits benefit from the air show, too numerous to mention. Please see the Stuart Air show website for the list of benefactors.

I represent the Road to Victory Museum at 319 Stypmann Ave., in Stuart, behind Veteran's Memorial Park. The museum is open from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. every Saturday and by appointment for private showings. The volunteers at the museum would be honored to have the community view the artifacts and historical vehicles from their collection. Please consider a visit to our museum.

Be skeptical of predictions

Our federal government has spent $25 billion studying global warming. The rate of spending has increased each and every year. Environmental alarmists claim America is dying under a sea of pollution and the cities will soon be under water.

Doomsday prophecies have grabbed headlines but computer models are frequently faulty. In the mid-1970s, computer models told us we should prepare for global cooling. Today's predictions should be greeted with a great deal of skepticism.


Congratulations to the Democrats. You have given your president the OK to finish the job of making the United States of America into a European socialist state. If you want to see what we will be like in the future, look at Greece and Spain and reflect on the riots, stagnant economies, massive unemployment and complete social unrest!

And also be ready to accept Euros instead of U.S dollars when Obama introduces them to our lame economy.

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