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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.88 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Dec 07 - 07:12

Time to make repairs

Hurricane season has passed. Wouldn't it be a great time to work on the storm drains?

I have lived here for three years, but my ditches have been wet the entire time. I live on a corner lot, so I have the drain under the street. The problem is the water can't pass through the drain under the street, because the ditch on the other side has not been maintained, blocking the water from traveling into the nearby storm ditch.

I would think that this would be a great time to survey the drain system and work on our drainage problems before the next hurricane season arrives.

Bunch of bigots?

Recently I had the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving with some family on the Treasure Coast and while reading Hometown News I caught the Rants & Raves. My first impression of the "locals" was wow what a bunch of bigots, racist, narrow-minded, backward-thinking people living in this town. Then at second glance I was convinced I was right! Now I know why our great president's motto was "forward." I would hate to think the people there were a sampling of the American people today. If this were the case then I'd be ashamed to be an American. Thankfully, I know better, otherwise we would have Gov. Romney in office.

America stands for freedom and equal rights and many young men and women have died for those freedoms but maybe I'm wrong when it comes to the Treasure Coast. It sounds like only the free, white, straight, Anglo Saxon, Protestants are allow to live there. What a sad place!

In response to 'same opportunities'

I have a question for the writer. Is "the white community" (including you) all rednecks or white trash? If your answer is no then why would you classify "the black community" (including me) as "these parasites?"

I am 78 years old, have been and am still working from the age of 17. As a single mother working two jobs, I raised two college graduates who have repaid every red cent of their school loan and are doing fine. Their children are in college with medical and legal aspirations.

I've never taken one dime, not even food stamps, from the government. At the age of 69 I went back to school, learned a new trade, which has kept me employable to this day, and I am positive there are millions of "mes" out there.

I am not denying that there are some (not the sum) of us who fit your scenario and are grossly non-productive, but so are some of you. I take umbrage to your ignorance of disparaging all of any community regardless of ethnicity. My advice to you is, familiarize yourself with the word some and incorporate it in your future diatribes.

Questioning the raise

I am just wondering if the city officials had placed newly 3 percent raise increases to all employees and 36 percent to the city manager would have won on the recent ballot by the residents of Port St. Lucie.

I mean if this is the telltale sign of the economy we must be the only city in America that is not yet facing the economic crunch. But yet as we travel up and down the streets we see house after house for sale or rent with houses sitting empty or in disrepair.

We have a road called Crosstown Parkway that was built on lies and actually does little but give an alternate route after you fight your way to it from U.S. 1.

Let us also mention the civic center that was supposed to be this big City Place and now we have a $25 million building that was projected in the first year to make $3 million but only made $750,000.

The city manager that our famed council just gave a 36 percent raise to said, "The Civic Center was never meant to be a money maker."

So, what the city is telling us is just like the city golf course that we as tax payers should keep paying taxes and supply the funds so these so called city buildings can keep their nose above water.

First maybe the officials of this fine city should realize that these city buildings should be self-sufficient and not depend on having to rely on the taxpayer dollar as they do not benefit all the people of our community. I never really understood just what the mayor does in Port St Lucie if we have a city manager who does all the work and gets paid more than $150,000 a year. Just what does our mayor get for her to go and have crumpets and tea with the garden clubs?

Why don't we do away with the so-called common council and divide up the city into wards and elect an alderman to each ward to represent the communities they live in?

Turn the city manager into the alderman at large and let's get the mayor doing some work with the alderman. The ward alderman only gets paid when in session each month but at least everyone is represented in the operation of the city government.

The way it is now they just pass rules and regulations and could care less if we like it. This city has way more citizens than the community where we had seven aldermen and I ask how can the council represent me and my community when he has never even came to my door in my community?

In defense of stance

Well, it seems I've caught the attention of someone who has had a stroke of bad decisions. Well, first yes I do target welfare. It is so greatly abused. Two examples: first one, a young mother of three kids, the youngest a toddler, she made the local news cast. She supposedly went to her sister's house to get food for the kids. Instead she went to a friend's place to drink. She showed up at home reeking of alcohol. Well, she had a toddler a neighbor was watching and the police were waiting for 45 minutes. Now, in the paper, they stated her as being less than 25 years old with three kids. Give me a break.

In this economy, they get into subsidized housing. They have a kid to pay for their portion of the rent, then they pop out a few other kids to have play money. Hmm, they have already dropped out of school so they don't possess a fairly good education. This is not what being an American is all about. This type of loser lifestyle is based on a socialistic governing lifestyle. So getting back to this woman and her three kids, yes, she's a drain on the economy.

In Poland and a state in the New England area, they only pay for one child, the rest is on the parent. Just think if it was that way here in Fort Pierce. We most likely wouldn't have the gang problem we do either. These kids are not proper parents. You can tell just by the way they behave at stores, they use these kids as tools.

So don't say come together. I am tired of paying for people who could give a darn about anything. America was built on individualism and your own will toward prosperity, not being a parasite.

Editor's note: We could find no evidence that in Poland or a state in the New England area that assistance is limited to one child. In Connecticut, according to the Temporary Family Assistance website, benefits are limited to 21 months for most families. Families must meet specific criteria to get benefits extended.

More in defense of stance

This is response to those who've read articles I have written to this special section, pertaining to "kids having kids" and so forth. First, thank you for reading it. I do believe in helping people who need help. However, when young people who make a living on welfare having kids just to get that social pay from the government because they've increased their family population that's dead wrong.

When they have no other income but a welfare check, they shouldn't be having more children. These people are a drain on the economy. They work the system and these young lives end up out on the streets in gangs or other careless ways of life because they are not given a good foundation.

As far as the author about we're all Americans, that doesn't mean you don't make a way of life out of the system. The democrats want you at their mercy. The people who do this now depend on tax money that should go toward better use.

As far as "Obamacare" the congress never read the package and the Supreme Court ruled it as a tax so there is your non-proper representation of the new tax. Thus whoever didn't read that now new law has violated the constitution of the United States. Now look at the states that are fighting it. I'm against socialized programs why should I put my tax dollars towards people "working the system." Don't have babies if you can't afford them yourself. I'm also a single divorced father, so I also know financial hardship as well. Oh, by the way, I'm in constant communication with my young adult son, as well. So, before you go off and defend the parasites out there maybe one day ask one of these young gals with a kid in tow how they pay for their lifestyle. Do they have a good-paying career and not funded lifestyle?

Thank you, by the way. I do stop and have asked these people what kind of jobs they have. Yes, I get dirty looks, but I wouldn't expect anything else. Why would I? They know they're wrong in what they do. They just get defensive because I have the guts to expose them.

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