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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.92 / 5 (25 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Dec 14 - 06:16

An open note to Edgewater Police Department

Thank you so much for your assistance with my predicament on Tuesday evening, Dec. 4.

I am sure you do not realize how grateful my daughter and I are that you were there for us. I am also glad that I could give you something to chuckle about, probably for the rest of your shift, and then some. Would love to see what your report reads like. Can't even image how the conversation went back at the station. Your fellow officer probably had stories of DUIs, burglaries, etc and you got to regale them with the story of the "crazy lady in her PJs, armed with a flashlight and a push broom" hunting down an injured opossum in her backyard. My daughter said she could hear you laughing all the way back to your vehicles. Once again, thank you so much for your help. So glad I could brighten your evening with a few good laughs. -- A very appreciative Edgewater citizen.

Take the politics out of Christmas trees

Since this is the Christmas season I was musing on where political correctness has gotten us. I think perhaps out of touch with reality. Take Christmas trees for example, why criticize those who enjoy a cut tree. Christmas trees are not clear cut, they are farmed. Many country dwellers make their living farming trees. When they are properly farmed, they are less like to fall to natural disasters, therefore they can provide a better year-round environment for birds, wildlife and people. By the way, this applies to the national forests, too. Once someone defined insanity to me as being far from God. I do believe that person was right.

Great new look

I would like to compliment the Nova Community Center (in Ormond Beach) on all the renovations. It is an outstanding community center, especially for pickleball players.

Amendments were confusing

I agree completely with the too confusing rant in the Nov. 23 Hometown News concerning the constitutional amendments. Upsetting me more than the convoluted wording was the content of many of the amendments. The worst was No. 8, a blatant attempt to funnel even more tax money to religious interests. What is going on in Tallahassee? Do we have a government or a church group? We need to put a stop to elected officials who only want to give tax money to church groups. Who crafted these crazy amendments and who allowed businesses to legalize tax evading? We need to put a stop to elected officials whose only objective is giving tax money to religious groups. Some people in Volusia County wanted to raise the tax rate for public education. Admirable in theory, but go after the Legislature to stop the bleeding in tax money for church schools. Other people are concerned about the lack of separation of church and state in Florida. We need to expose those legislators who ignore this part of the Constitution and vote them out of office.

Once a Marine, always a Marine

I would like to complain about so many newspaper writers referring to Marines as "former" Marines or "ex" Marines. Please have the courtesy to accept us as we are: We are Marines. Not former and not ex. Just Marines. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Civilians cannot and will not understand us because they are not one of us. We love the Corps, we live it and we shall die for it. If you have never been in it, you will never understand it. Marine Corps boot camp is "Hell on Earth" and only a true Marine will survive it.

It cannot be inherited. Nor can it ever be purchased. You and no one alive can buy it at any price. It is impossible to rent and it cannot be lent. We have earned it with our sweat, blood and lives, and we own it forever. The Title -- Marine.

Edgewater's advertising rules out of hand

I think the yard sale sign rules have gone a little too far. Come on, people are just trying to make some extra money and the Grinch is running around on a Saturday morning taking down everyone's garage sale signs. Thankfully I had advertised locally. I also was one of those honest residents who pulled a permit -- yeah that's right, for a yard sale, $5. Did the sign guy come by to see if I had a permit? Of course not. I'm sure he's getting paid good overtime money to do this on a Saturday morning. I do understand why it has come to this. It is because some people leave their signs up for two weeks or more after the sale and make our streets and utility poles look trashy. Hey, city of Edgewater, here's a "no brainer." How about collecting the signs that are leftover from the weekend on Monday morning and returning them to the address on the sign, along with a hefty fine, and that way you can make even more money and save your department some overtime.

Port Orange Holiday Parade... A BIG HIT

A huge thank you to all the residents, communities, churches, schools and organizations that participated in the wonderful Christmas Parade! Those of you involved in the planning and those that took the time and energy to decorate and/or perform should be congratulated for a job well done! However, the "Bah-Humbug" award should go to those businesses that felt the parade offered a cheap way of advertising. Some parade entries barely spent a dollar on garland to hang on their vans to promote their business above the enjoyment of children! But I believe the largest "lump of coal" should be given to a local funeral home. They felt it was necessary to promote a pet cemetery at a Christmas Parade! They did not care if a child or even an adult might have recently suffered the loss of a pet. Parades are to remember the amazement you might have felt as a child when you saw The Grinch, Sponge Bob or Santa waving at you. Parades are for watching the eyes of a child light up with laughter and twinkle at the amazement of it all.

Better schools, more taxation?

County and city property taxes and home insurance have strained most homeowners to re-evaluate the dream of owning their own home. With the average property tax of $1,600 and $1,400 for home insurance this adds an additional cost of $3,000 per year to the average homeowner.

The school system is just one of many items in dire need of more money and better management, but not at the expense of more taxation to homeowners. The whole system needs to be revamped, this is not just a local problem it is nationwide and continuing to shut down schools or make classrooms larger with fewer teachers is not a solution nor is more taxation. Good schools help but proper parenting may be best for your child's education, turn off the TV, video games, the computer and cell phone and stop the endless surfing, chatting and texting and be responsible for the discipline and education only you can give your child. Set aside a daily time for when you interact with your child and their schoolwork

The federal government gives out billions of dollars in foreign aid to other countries while our own cities communities and schools are on the verge of bankruptcy. The average American is taxed to their limit on federal and state levels. The U.S. deficit is a number so inconceivable or solvable. The unemployment ranks continue to grow even among college graduates and our state schools and educational system continues to falter.

Theater is too loud

I'm glad to see that some of your other readers also complain about the too-loud ads for coming attractions at the Epic Theatre of West Volusia in Deltona.

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