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Rants & Raves
Rating: 2.88 / 5 (17 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Dec 14 - 06:32

Why we said 'NO' to tax increase


In 1972, the Brevard school district had about 70,000 students. It added portables, as space programs increased.

When the Apollo and other programs ended, the student population dropped about half.

By 1980, schools were closed, and portable classrooms were removed.

The shuttle started up, and the student population went back to about 72,000. The Brevard Commissioners and School Board approved new schools and put portables back in place.

By 2000, Brevard knew the shuttle would end, yet the county and school board continued building and replacing the portables with expensive additions.

Now we have a multi-million debt for 25 years and empty seats.

If the commissioners and School Board kept the portables, we may not be facing school closures.

Deserving the benefits?

I was talking to a representative who works for Social Security, and I was very shocked when he said there are more than 50 million people, who receive Social Security benefits.

I know for a fact that there is a man, who is living in Sweden, yet he is getting these benefits here in America.

I am also sure that many who get these benefits don't even deserve them.

I am a born American and now am disabled, and they made it very hard for me to get these benefits; and yet, many come to this country and get it at a snap of a finger. They use a false ID, or a family member, who is already living here will help them with their own ID.

There is a family right here in Florida. Each family member receives these benefits and also gets food stamps, and they come to a soup kitchen and make trouble there.

In my opinion, they don't even need to come to this soup kitchen.

It is very sad to see what this great country has come to. Since there are too many people on this and not enough workers, it is very difficult for them to check on all those who get these benefits.

It is time for some type of change.

Editor's note: The official Social Security Administration website, www.ssa.gov, states that approximately 57 million people in the United States received Social Security benefits during October 2012. This number includes approximately 40 million people, age 65 or older; more than 14 million disabled, under age 65, including children receiving Supplemental Security Income on the basis of their own disability; and more than 7 million beneficiaries, who are neither aged nor disabled (for example: early retirees and young survivors). The total percentage of people receiving Social Security benefits in October 2012 in the United States was about 18 percent of the population. Note: Some recipients (about 5,000) are receiving both Social Security and SSI and are only counted once in the 57 million.

Could not see the parade

I am writing to express my disappointment and disgust in some of the residents in my city.

I am an 80-year-old woman.

I attended the parade and sat on a chair on the curb, as many other people did.

As the parade began, many children, teenagers and adults broke away from the curb and stood in the street about a foot away from the moving floats, thus blocking the view of the parade from us on the curb.

Not only did I see this (as) dangerous for the little ones trying to get the candy being thrown from the floats, I saw the many rude and thoughtless people we have in our city.

I wonder if candy is that important.

The police did nothing to keep people back, as they have in previous years.

I could not tell who or what was riding or moving in the parade.

Education cuts on the ballot

It amazes me that the people, who are actually admitting that if they had known the education cuts would have affected them directly, would have voted for it.

So, in other words, they voted against it on the assumption someone else would be impacted.  Unbelievable.

As far as I'm concerned, anyone who voted against it should not be allowed to protest, petition, criticize or complain about any of the proposals being made.

And then to blame the school board for not being specific about where the cuts would be made, take responsibility for you own actions. 

That's a lesson today's youth needs to learn.

Soldiers and the $1 bill

It is difficult for me to believe this, but this morning I learned that the U.S. Army is considering punishing a soldier if he attempts suicide.

What great mind thought that one up? Are they planning to punish him for not succeeding?

Those poor men are going through hell, so some politician or general can sit on their duff and propose insane things like that.

Another thing our "great minds" are proposing is doing away with the $1 bill.

That's sounds like collusion between our Congress, the Wall Street "scum" and the credit card companies, also probably the metal-mining interests.

They have already taken (away) the incentive about saving at a bank.

Talking about people's driving

The other day, we had a gas leak on Highway A1A, and all the traffic had to go into one lane.

Everyone was being pretty patient, except for one woman in the right lane, who went whipping by very quickly and tried to cut me off and wouldn't let me over.

And, as we were driving, we had to drive around. She never gave a signal and made a u-turn, because she was very impatient.

She had a lot of religious stickers on the back of her car. I won't name the church, but it is a large local church.

And I thought, "Is that her religion that she gave me 'the finger' twice, because she had to make a u-turn, because she was impatient and could not wait?"

I think people should learn a little patience with traffic. You are not going to get anywhere quicker by cutting your car in front of somebody.

Patience is a virtue.

Put up your 'made in the U.S.A.' flags

I am one of these people who try really hard to buy "made in the U.S.A." products.

I was looking for flags the other day, and I finally found some that were made here, as opposed to overseas.

The other thing, as I was coming into Cocoa Village, I saw a sign that said "Made in America by Native Americans."

This is a wonderful idea. I am glad to see that people are promoting this.

Maybe if other shops put a sign out that they had "Made in the U.S.A." goods, they would get some business.

Why have the rates gone up?

There have been no hurricanes to hit Florida and cause any damage in the last seven years.

So, why was my insurance raised twice as much as it was last year; and last year, it was raised twice as much as it was the year before that?

I can't understand it. They are making so much money. They doubled my insurance.

What they really want is for me to take less coverage, so they have to pay out less - when they are making all this money.

The ones up in New York have to payout something. Sure, but why should we have to payout anything?

They call us the "hurricane state." We haven't had a hurricane for a long time.

Look at Louisiana and New York. They should be called the "hurricane states," not us.

Great country and the debt

I really enjoyed a recent Rant/Rave in the Hometown News.

One was "America, the greatest country in the world," no doubt about it.

No matter what this administration does, we are still the greatest nation on the planet earth.

There was another great article, "How to battle the national debt."

These were very good articles, and each one explains in their own way, their love for this nation and what they would do to correct the deficiencies. And we do have some deficiencies.

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